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Catskill Mountain S.E.A.L.s Official Thread

Posted: Wed Sep 01, 2010 2:23 pm
Catskill Mountain S.E.A.L.s Official Thread:

Location: 2 hours north of New York City, near the city of Kingston.
Number of players: 3, but I have a friend who might be able to fight sometimes. So 3 to 4.
Age range: 11 to 15.
Contact info:
Armory: See my profile.
Experience: Ehh... I'd say 3 out of 5. We're just sort of average.

Our story: (Beware, it's a long one.)
Once upon a time... :goofy: Anyway, when I was 6 or 7 I saw my first water gun in a store. I was into guns at the time, so I really wanted one. I can still remember waking up early in the morning and finding a pack of 4 squirt pistols in my living room. Well as you can imagine, we played with them the whole day. Soon after that, we began collecting them. I think we had like 50 squirt pistols laying around the house and yard. Then one day, we went to Toys 'r us. I remember going "Wow." at the sight of the 'Huge' blasters. (Remember, we were used to little tiny squirt pistols.) Me and my brother both walked out of there with 2 Storm blasters. I had a Storm 760, my first air pressure soaker, and my brother had a Storm T-Shock 8000 (This one.) which was a hose charger. (We never could figure out how to fill it.)

Later,(I can't remember if it was before or after getting the storm guns.) I brought my first Super Soaker. I thought that because it was called a 'Super Soaker' it would perform really well.(The squirt pistol company was called 'Splash'.) It was only a piston powered Mini XP 70 though. I remember thinking that the full-size version must be huge. Anyway, I had a friend who owned a CPS Splashzooka. (He also had a Storm gun, but I forgot which one. It was bigger then ours.) Of course he beat us easily. So I went on the SS website, (It was a lot different then!) and saw the Monsters. I figured, if I had one of those bad boys, I could beat my friend any day. I went to Toys 'r us, and saw a Monster X 2002 edition. The one on the website was the original version, so I wondered what was up. I ended up buying it though. My brother brought a CPS 2100, and my youngest brother brought a Max-D 6000.

I believe the ol' MX could outrange my friend's Splashzooka, so I was happy. I also got to show off my gigantic blaster. We always wanted the MXL, but we never found it... Near the end of summer, I brought a Max-D 5000, and my brother got a CPS 4100. I believe those were the last blasters we ever brought in 2002. After that we sort of dropped out of interest. For a long time, those blasters sat in a box in our driveway... *Sniff* We were so foolish...
Anyway, in 2007, we got a Hasbro catalog in the mail. In it, I saw the whole new '07 lineup. My interest was rekindled once again! My favorite one was the Arctic Blast. I looked on the Super Soaker website,(Much different then I remembered.) and saw not only the new models, but ones from 06 as well! (I think there was also a '05 Arctic Shock there.) My younger brother, (The one who brought the CPS 2100 and 4100.) picked out the Flash Flood, and my youngest brother,(Who was a little too young back in '02 for soakers. He did buy an MD-6K and a few others though.) chose the Oozinator. So we placed our orders.

It was at this point, when I first discovered I wanted to find all my old blasters, and of course I was curious about the history of SS. So I browsed the web for a while, (I think I found SSC, but back then I wasn't interested.) until I found iSoaker. It was a dream come true for me. Here was, not only all my old blasters, but almost every SS in existence! I spent hours looking at all the blasters. I knew then, that Water Warfare was for me. Anyway, back to the blasters. We got them all in the mail eventually, and had a few battles. Unfortunately, all our old soakers, (A lot of them were broken anyway.) had gone to the dump since then, so we only had 3. Of course that wasn't enough for us. (Nobody can have enough soakers!) So we got a few more blasters. Unfortunately, the Oozinator and FF broke (Usual trigger problem. Stupid Max-D's.), and this was before we knew how to fix them, so they went to the dump.

We brought quite a few soakers from then 'till now. We brought 11 blasters in one big purchase from ebay, and we even found 2 SS50s at a yard sale for 5 bucks apiece! Our team formed in 2008 I believe. I didn't find these forums until early this year. I joined in April of this year, and the rest is history!

So that's that! It's kind of lengthy, but I like to go into detail.

Anyway, if anyone is up for a challenge, I'd be glad to get together sometime. Unfortunately, I don't have my drivers license yet. Once I turn 16 in November, things should get a little easier. Until then, either you'll have to come here, or I'll have to ask my parents to drive me wherever we want to battle.

~SEAL :bringiton:

Re: Catskill Mountain S.E.A.L.s

Posted: Tue Jan 10, 2012 2:28 pm
Update time! Doubles as an excuse to remind everyone that we're still here, and ready to fight at almost any time.

Location: Still the same place.
Number of Players: 3-5 for the main team, but "guest players (Those who are not officially part of the team.)" could possibly bring the number up to 9 or 10.
Age Range: 12-17 for the main team, 10-17 with guests.
Contact info: Same as before;
Experience: Still about average, but better than before.
Armory: See my profile for a complete list, but our serious fighting arsenal consists of (Subject to change):

CPS 1200
CPS 2700

XP 270
Aquashock Sneak Attack
Aquashock Arctic Blast

XP 220
MD 3000 (Nozzle drilled)
2 MD 4000s
2 Goblins

Broken blasters that I hope to have ready by next season:
CPS 12K (5-balloon :goofy: )
MD 6000
MD 2000

So not too much has changed; I still don't have my drivers license, but I plan on getting it very soon. I'll hopefully be able to drive pretty much anywhere that isn't more than a day away. If you want to come to us, we have some absolutley stunning battlegrounds to choose from, everything from Dug Hill and Onteora Lake for large wars, to awesome yet-to-be-named local places for smaller battles.

If anyone's up for a battle, don't hesitate to let me know. We should be available through most of the summer, but I'm unsure about the fall since I'll probably be going to college.

Let's make 2012 the best season ever! BRING IT ON!


Re: Catskill Mountain S.E.A.L.s

Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2013 1:00 pm
I shamelessly bring this topic back from the dead. 2012 has been a huge year for the SEALs; no longer just a small group of friends, we have now expanded to include members from all over, becoming an official WWn League team. We've had one war as a team so far, and it's looking like we'll have quite a few more this year. Overall our team has come a long way from the way we were in 2007, when it was just me and my brothers planning huge elaborate wars with tanks, fortresses, and water balloon gatling guns. Good times.

Current list of members (listed by order joined; not including friends/relatives):
SEAL (founder and current leader)

Updated info:
Location: Same place...
No. of players: See above; possibly with the addition of 1-4 people
Age range: Variable
Contact info: (though I prefer board members contact me via PM.)
Experience: Most of our members have faught in every community war so far, and often fight other times. I'd say we are at the "Veteran" level.
Armory: See profile, though it now includes the weapons of others.

For those interested, here is a list of every battle I had last year (not including training battles):

Jan. 1st:

1vs1 Duel, OHK, Win
1vs1 Duel, OHK, Win

Feb. 23rd:

2vs1, OHK, Win
1vs2, OHK, Win
2vs1, OHK, Win
3-Person FFA, OHK, Win

Mar. 19th:

2vs1, OHK, Win
3-Person FFA, OHK, Loss
3-Person FFA, OHK, Win

Mar. 20th:

1vs2, OHK, Loss
2vs1, OHK, Win
1vs2, OHK, Draw

Mar. 22nd:

2vs2, OHK, Win

May 18th:

2vs2, 10HW, Loss
3vs3, 4-flag CTF, Win
5vs5, 12HW, Loss

May 19th:

5vs6, OHK, Draw
5vs4, OHS, Loss
6vs7, HTL, Win
6vs7, HTL, Win

May 20th:

8vs5, OHS, Loss

May 27th:

2vs2, OHS, Win
2vs2, HTL, Win
2vs2, HTL, Win

Jul. 28th:

3vs3, OHS, Win
4vs2, HTL, Win
2vs4, HTL, Loss
3vs3, OHS, Win
3vs3, HTL, Win
3vs3, HTL, Loss

Jul. 29th:

3vs4, HTL, Loss
3vs4, OHS, Win

Aug. 22nd:

2vs2, 5HK, Win

Sep. 23rd:

3-person FFA, Win
3-person FFA, Win

Nov. 30th:

3vs2, OHS, Draw
3vs2, OHS, Loss

Dec. 1st:

4vs5, OHS, Win
4vs5, OHS, Win
4vs4, CTF, Loss
4vs4, OHS, Draw

Dec. 2nd:

2vs3, OHS, Win
2vs2, OHS, Win

Dec. 9th

3vs2, OHS, Draw
3vs2, OHS, Win
3vs2, OHS, Win
2vs3, OHS, Loss

Total Wins/Draws/Losses:

Our plans for 2013 include getting more members, winning every team battle, and possibly starting a website. If you would like to join, please contact me and you will be added to our team forum. The ultimate water warfare experience can be yours! Free team patches are to be given to all new members.

I have a feeling that 2013 will be our best year for the second time in a row. Let's keep serious water warfare alive!


Re: Catskill Mountain S.E.A.L.s Official Thread

Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2013 3:00 pm
by marauder
Its good that you are keeping up with this but you can only count 1 battle on the 9th. After that you were fighting your own teammates... On DX and my team!!! For two games in a row, and then you played on DX again vs TWO Catskill mtn SEALs. You cant count any game as a team game when you fight alongside DX or me vs your own teammates.

Re: Catskill Mountain S.E.A.L.s Official Thread

Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2013 4:15 pm
That list is just for me, not my team. This is really the only place I can think of to post it, haha.