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Dog Days War-Dvah

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 2:17 am
I decided that, after having a nostalgia trip back to the good years when the Moubis Militia was active, that I wanted another full scale water war. I contacted some of the old MM members, and whoever I could scrape up, and we headed to an old favorite battle of mine. Where the MM had fought the guys who I think, the Orcas, had were specialists. Mostly armed with small rifles, these guys, mostly having experience with manhunt, knowing they had the advantage took out the entire MM in an organized war. I remember riding in the back of a pickup truck, with my XP 310, not knowing where the enemy was coming from, it was a great war that day. Now, we were going to do it again, just not XP 270's whacko ideas of using cars in water warfare.

We had loaded all the weapons and loaded the refill tanks at 9:00 AM this morning. I called up all my mates from the MM, and we all got together at a large park in Cleveland. Pumped, filled, and ready to go, our little team was ready.

It was a huge open field, not an ordinary field we fought on. No cover. I decided to use a CPS 1200, and I ran up with Erik and James S. We had thought, that because it was 6 on 6, it'd be a longer war, because it was a ohk game, so no one would be stupid to run up. But, XP270 kept us in line, and everyone just ran up, and got soaked by the enemy, who only lost four guys, while I was the only one left on my team. I had kept to myself, and stood there, scoping out the two guys left. I wasn't sure who they were, but I knew that wielding nothing more than a Buzz Bee M16 and XP 105, I had an easy two kills. I pumped my CPS 1200 to the max, and jumped behind a tree, and hit the guy with the M16. Daft pillock had no idea that a piston pressure gun had less range than a CPS 1200. I hit him.

Now it was only me, and this kid who thought he was rambo. He threw some slurs at me because he thought that my gun was weak because it was yellow and purple. He didn't know anything more than the stupid soaker tag guns. He never knew what the CPSes were. And he had that Brick Wall coming. He came at my, full fledged, and sprayed, thinking he hit me. He turned around, walking back, and I sprayed a deluge of water at him. A full CPS 1200 pressure chamber, and wow was he pissed. I showed him I was bone dry (I really was) and I invited some of these kids to a team, but I am still unsure on getting it all together. Either way, it was a fun day.

Re: Dog Days War-Dvah

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 12:06 pm
by AquaNinja
Sounds like a cool war lol that n00b judged a CPS by it's colour what a stupid person! Also that nub with the m16, needs to learn ranges of guns!