The Dog Days War

General questions and discussions on water warfare regarding tactics and strategies.
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The Dog Days War

Post by CCCP » Sun Aug 16, 2009 2:50 pm

I looked over some stories here, and I finally found my style of writing out my story. This just happened yesterday.

30 minutes before the first engagement:
I was playing Left 4 Dead with my neighbor, and we decided, after being owned by a Tank multiple times, that it was time to quit. We have something for Zombie games, so we went back to my baby, my PS3, and played Der Riese. It was about 80* in Cleveland that day, and I decided it was time to bring out my Super Soakers. I looked over to him, after being downed by a horde of about 8-10 zombies, and said "Hey Nate, want to have a water war?"
He was downed to, and the game ended. He seemed dumbfounded when I asked that, however he did jump at the chance. "As long as I am on your team!" I grinned, and looked back to some of the wars I fought in the Moubis Militia in. They were mostly versus teams that weren't as prestigious as us, and in the areas we played, mostly Cleveland's western suburbs, the forested areas were plentiful, and I was not used to playing in a battle covered by a few front yards. We walked out to the garage, where the armory was located.
I had originally taken XP270's 270, but after we had recruited Nathan's sister and friends, we had found our enemy. Nathan's sister, Megan's friend's sister's Dad had taken up a hose, and her friends sister had a bottle shot, which for some odd reason, they were afraid of. I felt warm and fuzzy inside to know that these kids thought a BOTTLE SHOT was the biggest water gun ever. They had another thing coming. I knew I was facing an unlimited stream of water, so I took my CPS 1200 and Monster X, and oh, if I could only describe these kids faces when they seen me, in my Moubis Militia BDU (It's a U.S. Army BDU, which is strongly water resistant, and I found a Blue "M" Patch and put it on the shoulder. Their jaws hit the floor, and I walked over to a tree and took cover, as they ran back to get guns. Nathan grabbed a Max-D 5000, a blue one, and my CPS 2500. His sister and her friend took an XP270 (Not XP270s) and a Liquidator, respectively. We made multiple charges, only to be pinned down. I finally ran up and shot him point blank with the Monster X's typhoon nozzzle, and he finally gave up.
I did however get soaked by the hose, and it sucked. Butm, I do plan on having skirmishses like these quite often. It was a lot of fun. Thanks for reading, and soak on!

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Re: The Dog Days War

Post by Silence » Sun Aug 16, 2009 9:14 pm

Nice. I was a bit afraid you'd have scared them away with that arsenal, but then I realized it was more of a joke, and that there were enough soakers to share. Waiting for the next report. :)

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