Tactics: The Scout

General questions and discussions on water warfare regarding tactics and strategies.
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Tactics: The Scout

Post by XP270 » Tue Mar 11, 2008 2:15 pm

Everyone knows in a large battlefield such as the 3 story warehouse the MM fights in there is many places to set up positions. But if you don't want your whole squad slaughtered by the fire of a mounted CPS cannon then I suggest using the Scout.
The scouts role is to secretly move throughout the enemy territory and report enemy positions in the assigned area and when needed I think the perfect blaster for a scout is an XP70 or an XP110 since they are lightweight and when in the hands of a battle-hardened solider such as myself could with the peak and lean technique take out a MXL nest with ease when the operators are inexperienced. I was a scout for 2 years using an XP270 and damn I wish I would have chosen the modded XP70 they were offering me!
But anyways heres three tactics a scout should use.
First is never go out without a grunt partner:
I say even though scouting is more a individual job having a backup with a larger blaster helps when you are out of water after taking out an XL nest.
Second is choose your blaster wisely!:
Never be such an idiot as to let your scout have anything bigger than a CPS 1200! I say that the best soaker you can choose if you don't have a 1k or 1.2k is either an XP70 or XP110. It has also come to my attention that Buzz Bee Toys produces a weapon with a min. shot time of 170 secs. The Water Warriors Aquapack is now added to my suggestion list (Thanks Croc!).
Third and finally is dress in clothes that match your surroundings so don't come out in a game in the woods dressed in a graphic tee and parachute pants! Come out proud and dress in camo.
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Re: Tactics: The Scout

Post by mutuhaha » Sun Mar 23, 2008 8:30 am

In my opinion, the primary goal of a scout on the big map is to communicate and relay information as quickly as possible. While RTS games give the commander a panoramic view of the battle situation, the perspective of a field commander can be and will most likely be blurred by the ruckus of even a light battle; which is where the scout comes in and acts as the eyes and ears of the commander (if any), giving him reliable, objective information which he can process and to direct team efforts.

Just because the stereotype of a scout is to be lightly armed, it does not always have to be the case. A scout who is physically fit enough can be allowed to carry a bigger gun if available, so that he can actually do some damage here and there when the opportunity presents itself (in which case he becomes more of a skirmisher, but that's fine too). Since we're expecting the scout to do a lot of running, fitness and good stamina is very important. Just because he's small and lightweight doesn't mean he should be the scout; a mid-weight and larger but good sprinter or long-distance runner would be a good or even better choice. The scout must also be an observant fellow, since as defined above, information is the major priority on the large battlefield and even more so with larger teams.

The skirmishing role of the scout is also important, since as an advance force, he would most likely encounter plenty of people. And in some circumstances, they will spot you, the scout. Which means you can either 1) run, 2) fight or 3) do something completely different like run around helping them waste their ammo. Take out targets of opportunity like people with their backs turned to you (but don't get too close unless you don't mind being soaked too, since they'll probably have a soaker and most likely turn around). But if it's a big battlefield and if getting information to your commander is important, you might not want to waste time soaking people, and instead run back and report.
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