Tactics: Heavy Weapons Officer (HWO)

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Tactics: Heavy Weapons Officer (HWO)

Post by XP270 » Tue Mar 11, 2008 2:01 pm

My experience as an HWO is high and I was one for three years back when my team The Moubis Militia was young, at that time I wasn't commander but am now.
First is the loadout:
I suggest nothing in firepower, range below a CPS 2700 since you need capacity, power, and quality to make it on the battlefield, not to mention experience.
Second is shooting:
Okay lets say I'm currentley armed with a CPS 2500 on 20x nozzle and I see a buch of enemys moderatley armed. I'm not going to run and shoot. I pick one off fast and then go for the remainders with 1/4 pressure left. So my idea is to act steath, then go in for the kill.
Third and finally is other supplies:
Okay so lets say you are pinned down behind a car and you need some tape to fix a leak in your 2000, your feet hurt because you are putting alot of weight on flip-flops and plus you can't see your target because its night!
Well I say bring tape, boots, flashlights and extra ammo in water bottles to the battle. I always carry a 2.5 gallon jug when I'm using my XL since I stay behind cover. A 1 liter bottle to reload my '270 in smaller skirmishes and a 2 liter otherwise. Also I take 100 MPH tape and a hammerhead flashlight just in case.
So everyone Keep on soakin' and good luck! EDIT: Also do not forget another important tool a screw driver for fixing internal problems especially when using an unrelable MAX-D 2k-6k
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