Teams 2006-2007 - Water Warfare

General questions and discussions on water warfare regarding tactics and strategies.
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Post by isoaker » Wed Sep 13, 2006 8:14 pm

Are YOU part of a local water warfare team/group?

This thread is for light team descriptions of current water warfare groups/teams. If you've got a team, please list it below. Include its name, approximate number of members, and rough geographical location (largest nearby city or even just State/Province and Country; please do NOT post any specific personal information on the forums). Feel free to also include any other miscellaneous information you think others might enjoy i.e. aspects of armoury, number of battles this year, primary opponents, etc.

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Post by WaterWolf » Thu Sep 14, 2006 6:58 am

I am the General of a rapidly growing team in Vermont, The Maple Mountain Marines.
Our army is still growing, but we currently have 8 members and hold meetings once a month at my place, on the upper part of a mountain in the West-Topsham county, which is about a half-hour drive from the capital of VT, Montpelier.

Our current battle field is 2 acres in size (ya, kind of small) and has two bases. A Tree-House at one end and a Fort at the other.

I am currently working on clearing a path going straight up the mountain and across a large Plato (wide, flat and mostly open area) at the top.
Once the path has made a complete square around approximately 7 acres of forest, we (My family and I) will run a fence line around the whole thing, then open it up for our herd of pigs to graze on. The pigs will clear underbrush, smoothen out the whole area and make winding paths through the forrest, which makes it an ideal forest battle-ground.
I then plan to construct a large, log, fortress on the upper south corner of the plato. This will be our teams main base, we will conduct training operations from there and if attacked by another team, this will be our stronghold.

We have no enemies to fight at the moment, but I'm trying to encourage some people in Western VT to start one of their own.

In addition to our small armory of Water guns, we have one working C-class (Light artillery) Douchenator WBL and one D-class (Heavy artillery) WBL which is currently in construction.

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Post by HBWW » Thu Sep 14, 2006 4:16 pm

No teams for me, all I currently do is invite people for fights a few times a year (haven't really gotten it to work that well, this is my first year) and arrange the teams (if necessary) when the event starts. All the weapons we have that may be for use:

SC 400
MaxD 5k, Secret Strike*
CPS 1000, 1200, 2000*, 2100, 2500*, 2700
Oozinator, 2 Flash Floods
4 squirt guns
Blastmaster 660*
XP 310*, 70*
SS 50*

*Not owned by me

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Post by forestfighter7 » Thu Sep 14, 2006 9:13 pm

Myself and urbanfighter7's team is also rapidly growing. we fight in a suburban area( there are pics of it on soaker media) in California. The team name *may* be called the California Militia.
at the time of now our armoury includes:
cps1000x2 one with a cvf
cps2000x2both broken
cps2500x3two working
cps1500x2both working
one vaporizer,liquidator,x2max-d5000, all camo painted,x1max-d6000
x2 APH's and one douchenator wbl. we have about 10-14 members.
If you would like to join the Superior Water Attack Team please pm me.
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Post by mutuhaha » Fri Nov 24, 2006 8:03 am

We have some "teams", but before I go into that, I'd better briefly explain the situation. The mass of people happens to be a Uniformed Youth Organisation (UYO). The company consists of 4 wings, each about 25+ strong, each is led by a wing commander. There is already a rank system in place, I myself am a sergeant. Each wing consists of 4 squads of about 6-8 people, led by a wing NCO.
Because of this, we can have some pretty interesting battles. 2v2 CTF, 1v3 King of the Hill (see the map I posted for the hill), Star Wars (where teams have to find pieces of R2-D2 and build a spaceship), Nightgames, 1v1v1v1 mayhem, etc.

Besides the 4 wings, there are some ad-hoc water fight societies made of members of different wings:

Local circuit size: No formal teams

Roster: 100+ people (all guys)
Calibre: Depends (when we feel like fighting serious with tactics and all, we just do it)
Battlefield: School complex (it's always big enough)
Organization: Anything from disorganized hordes to mobile tactical squads
Primary gametype: I guess it could be considered 1HK
Commanders: Either nobody or a few of us (I shouldn't mention names)
Wars per year: About 5 though not everybody participates in all, wars involving everybody happen about twice a year
Tactics: Personally I subscribe to fluid tactics but sometimes we just don't really care. Especially with so many to convey orders to.

Armoury: Once impressive, with 3 CPS 2500s, and someother CPSs (can't remember)
1 x CPS 2500
1 x CPS 3000
4 x Vaporizers
1 x Helix
1 x Liquidator
1 x XP Backfire
1 x XP 110 (nozzle broke, so now it's a great shotgun)
10 x Generic guns (standing arms)
A lot more generic guns (belonging to people)
1 x WBL
At least 3000 water bombs, scattered in the company storeroom, people's houses (most of the army is grenadiers, tactics change to accomodate that)

Lots of shields
Lots of light body armour
We were going to build a tank, but a bulldozer ran over the frame. sad.gif

- Err, we're potentially very big?
- Very varied, there is some of every era and calibre.
- Use a lot of water bombs due to gun shortage.
- Use and pioneer urban armoured tactics.
118th Urban Corp

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Post by WaterWolf » Fri Nov 24, 2006 8:37 am

Where are you located?
The Maple-Mountain-Marines.

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Post by SilentGuy » Fri Nov 24, 2006 2:52 pm

He's in Singapore--same as hamster from WWc. Nice to see you here, by the way.

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Post by mr. dude » Sat Feb 03, 2007 7:41 pm

Croc and I, as well as another few friends of ours, form a team of 3-4 (I still don't know if the fourth guy wants to be on Croc's team).
Our armoury lacks any real punch:
MI FF+ 1 MI aquapack
x2 Blazer
x2 Splat Blaster
EX 630 (Croc has a review on it somewhere)
Max-D 5k
XP 110
Yellow Jacket
Many squirt pistols
Piston homemade
?=belongs to our fourth member
/\=still in progress
I might have missed a few things, but you get the picture.

We fight around my neighbourhood or at a park.

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Post by Belisaurius » Thu Feb 15, 2007 9:37 pm

Well, Waterbridge is still here in New Jersey, though to be honest, we're doing pretty poorly these days. Waterbridge was founded in 2002 and has been here ever since, though we have fallen behind our upstart rivals, the Ridgewood Militia, by alot. The official roster has over 20 members, but we have a chronic problem fielding more than 4. Equipment is another problem, with few members being able to field their own weaponry. We're going to give this season, or last, one good push before we all go off to college.

The enemy commanders have told me that Waterbridge and the Ridgewood Militia are the model teams on the continent, so I suppose its about time we got our act together and started kicking some butt!

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Post by CommanderSwartz » Sun Feb 25, 2007 10:53 am

My team is the M.W.D.N.E (The Mighty Water Dragons of New England) we currently have 5 permaent guys and a few recruits in training. We are mainly located in Holden Ma but we have 2 other forts in Worcester Ma just south of Holden. We are always looking for new recruits but before you join you have to pass our training. It's not to be mean it's just we want them to be ready for the battles
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Post by XP20Warrior » Mon Mar 19, 2007 2:45 pm

My team, the Star Eagles, consists of soakerman, and a few of my cousins. Most of the time, though, we just fight with each other because there's no one else to battle. That might change this year, though! :goofy:
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Post by DX » Mon Mar 19, 2007 9:23 pm

Wow, I never posted a team description here? Weird?

Team Name: Ridgewood Militia

Roster: 32 members and still going up

Age Range of Group: 14-19

Founders: DX, Nibordude

Colonels: General Zee, Holographic Beef

Command Structure and Caliber: Hardcore with 2 founders, 2 colonels [Fluid Command], and many regulars capable of command if marked. All use the Ubiquitous Position, regardless of age, skill, gun, and the such.

Team Flag:

Favorite Game Types: Standard OHS [for ranking], OHK Scenarios [for skirmishes], FFA [happens right after each war just for the heck of it]

Home Battlefield: Kings Pond Park [The Goffle], ~2 miles x 1/8-1/4 mile, heavily forested with open lot, 2 ponds, treehouse, 1 brook, ruins, etc. [sounds nice and rustic, but is extremely rare in an area dominated by suburbia, commercial retail, and industry]

-Still owns more modded guns and homemades than any other major team in soaking history
-Invented the popular Douchenator Water Balloon Launcher
-Invented the Tactical Theory of fighting wars, as well as several individual tactics
-Has still gone undefeated since August 2005
-Has won 13/18 ranked wars, of which 3 of the remaining 5 were ties

Working Arsenal:

CPS stock and modded:
1x CPS 1100 [PC Swapping Integration gun]
1x CPS 12K
1x CPS 1500
1x CPS 2000
5x CPS 2100
4x CPS 2500
1x CPS 3000
3x CPS 3200
1x CPS 4100
1x Monster XL
1x WW Orca

Air Pressure stock and modded:
2x Max-D 5000
1x MI Defender
4x MI Flash Flood
1x STE Flash Flood
1x XP 310

1x APR 2000 [air pressure homemade]
2x G1 PVC Piston Pumper [piston pressure homemade]
1x N-REV Challenger

2x G1/G2 Douchenator Water Balloon Launcher
1x G3 Douchenator Water Balloon Launcher
2x Air Pressure Water Cannon
2x Nerf air homemades with Douchenator capability

Broken Guns [fixable]

1x CPS 1000
4x CPS 21K [pcs only]
1x CPS 11K [pc only]
1x CPS 2500
1x CPS 2700
2x APR 2000
1x Dual chamber APH [air pressure homemade]
1x N00b Killer [air pressure homemade]

Future Projects:
N-REV Dominator
N-REV Death Cannon [under actual construction]
G4 Douchenator Water Balloon Launcher
G2 PVC Piston Pumper [under actual construction]
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Post by isoaker » Tue Jan 01, 2008 10:07 am

With the start of 2008, a new teams thread needs to be created. This one is now closed.

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