Countering a charge - What's the best method?

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Post by Iceman » Mon Jul 12, 2004 7:55 pm

This is a tactic that confuses many Newbie commanders and fighters to solve. It all depends on the weaponry being used. If they are targeting a defense line anyways, they will most likely fail, since I assume you have some heavy assault blasters for defense. When they come charging, analyze their formation. If they don’t spread out in the charge (most newbie commanders will tell the group to stick together) and are compact in one group, fending off their charge will be fairly easy. Spread your troops out with heavy weaponry and as they come in, try to surround them before they surround you. However if they use advanced tactics in a charge, stand your ground, aim, and fire only if you know you have the tactical advantage with heavier weaponry. You will also 90% of the time successfully fend off charges coming at you from downhill.

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Post by Field Marshal Yang » Mon Jul 12, 2004 8:33 pm

Iceman wrote:You will also 90% of the time successfully fend off charges coming at you from downhill.
That's probably because when the enemy troops charges at you from downhill, they have less control over their movements as gravity forces them to run faster. On the other hand, if the enemy troops have a high enough location, they oculd just dump water balloons at you until you retreat. Also, if the enemy commander is intelligent enough, he'll have his troops march downhill at a walking pace and order a controlled volley, taking advantage of the geography.
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