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Once Upon A Time...

There were only four of us. It was a small waterfight, but it was really fun. It was Me with my '05 Blazer and my friend/neighbour Bryan with the Overload without the backpack. On the other team it was Kieren with a cheap pump action water gun and Marc-Andre also with a cheap pump action water gun. It started off by Me and Bryan spotting our enemies hiding behind bushes. They were planning an ambush.

We pretended we didn't see them. We started pumping our guns slowly. When we were about a foot away from the bush, we leaped out and kept on shooting them in the back. I, myself, am a fast runner, therefore, I was able to chase Marc-Andre all over the neighbourhood. He turned back, looked Me in the eye, and threw a water balloon right to my face. It stung for a while, and everyone said it was red.

But I wasn't gonna be a wimp, and chicken out. I said "I'm fine." and the war continued. We shot around for a while, until Kieren had to go. Then Marc-Andre left. It was only Me and Bryan. We just kept on shooting each other for a while. After we were done, I was freezing, because there was a strong wind blowing. Bryan asked Me "Do you want me to help you carry your guns back home?" I said, I was fine.

...The End
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