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Re: If you only had One

Posted: Mon Jul 22, 2013 3:54 pm
by the oncoming storm
I will redo my dream primary

Triple AP chambers holding 2L of pressurized water
Swapable, 1, and 2 gallon softpacks
5x, 10x, and 30x, and Aqua Storm nozzles
Red, Silver, and yellow body or Camo and Black on a wider 300 with transparent pump tube
Pressure gauge

Re: If you only had One

Posted: Sun Dec 22, 2013 6:13 pm
I'm going to go ahead and jump into this thread half a year late since I never got in here in the first place.

- Build/Materials: Should consist primarily of quality plastics: PVC or nylon are good materials, with vinyl tubing where appropriate. The idea is to go for high quality but lightweight plastics to keep costs and weight down and reliability up.
- Ergonomics: The goal is to design an ergonomic blaster first before worrying about internals. Should be modularly disassembled like actual firearms instead of using casing halves. Pistol grips and other components are detatchable.
- Modularity: Blaster must be disassembleable. Carrying handle mandatory but detachable.
- Detachable reservoir should not make blaster too front-heavy when removed. Reservoir is filled by a quick-fill system similar to what Hasbro used in their caps. An alternative filling option is to use a nearby ball valve. Ball valve is attached to the blaster, and quick-fill to the reservoir. Quick-fill is compatible with tactical filling bottles that do not require any unthreading, just sticking it into the quick-fill, which then pushes open a wide, spring-loaded valve that allows the water to flow in.
- Tactical refill bottles: Aside from a valve in front that pushes open when putting it in a quick-fill, there's also a valve in the back that opens automatically to vent while filling, resulting in fast fills. Bottle also has a side button that opens the front valve separately, as a quick last-resort splash attack.
- Tactical backpacks: Backpack can attach to the ball valve portion of the blaster, or to the quick-fill portion to combine it with the reservoir. Backpack should have storage unit for the tube, and the tube should feature a check valve at the end. There is another check valve at the bottom of the backpack to prevent it from leaking when the tube is detatched. Backpack can be filled from the top via a quick-fill valve.
- Pump and check valve system: Your standard Super Soaker's assembly will do. Keep this part simple and quick. Pump should be tracked like the Vindicator's or the XP 150's. Pump grip should be made of composite plastics and use stainless steel to connect to the pump inside. Pump should be detachable and should disassemble for maintenance/storage, of course. Pump grip should be slightly slanted, using a similar design to the "angled foregrip" pictured here: ... _1-tfb.jpg Obviously, the handle should be easy to detach and swap out and no matter the type of grip, should always make sure the hand is lined up as perfectly as possible to the pump rod itself, so that the force exerted on the pump is as direct from the hand as possible.
- Pressure chamber: Pressure chamber sits in a separate reservoir, just like in Vanquisher. This component of the reservoir is not detachable, only the larger section is. The idea is to keep the main reservoir removable for quick reloading, while containing all water needed to pre-pressurize. Uses cylindrical bladder with a PRV at the other end that activates when it hits the edge of the reservoir. This design means the bladder's power can be adjusted by swapping out tubes, then reattaching it to the pipe assembly and reattaching the PRV at the other end. No BS with some of the problematic PRV's seen in some CPS's (like CPS 2100 MK II's), and there's no real need to worry about having a PC case to stop the bladder expansion. Pressure chamber should be able to dish out 600-900mL at a time, depending on the tube being used.
- Special feature: A button on the side of the blaster will discharge the bladder and send the water back to the smaller reservoir that surrounds the bladder.
- Trigger: Ball valve based. Uses a design similar to the HydroCannon's without the durability problem.
- Nozzle selector: 4 nozzles: Conservation, Standard, Power, and Riot. Conservation should be around 5x, focused on making more shots instead of thicker, longer range shots. This nozzle will also have the most stream velocity, at least in theory? Standard should be around 11x, built to compete with the CPS 2500/1500's 10x but with superior flow, less turbulence, better range. Power should be built to compete with the CPS 2000, producing 20x to 30x as necessary for ideal range. Riot blast should basically just be a kickass version of the Flash Flood, but unlike the FF, would actually have range and possibly hit the 40-60x range. Nozzle selector is detachable for storage to keep the seals from wearing out.

Not sure what components I missed to describe, but this is generally my kind of setup. Good quality build, no BS design, no gimmicks, only features that serve the following purposes:
- Faster tactical actions in combat.
- Maintenance and storage: None of my current homemades are ever stored with the pump inside. There's no reason to, and the internals don't dry up as well.
- Prevent stupid/annoying issues caused by stupid/annoying design. Stuff like water sloshing in oddly shaped reservoir and causing air to get pumped easily, broken triggers, having to unthread stuff to refill, being unable to fill from streams quickly, etc.

In fact, I still haven't listed features here for field-filling from natural sources. Marauder suggested a homemade filter, so I should integrate that idea here sometime, in some way.

Re: If you only had One

Posted: Fri Feb 14, 2014 9:55 pm
by thelaminator
the oncoming storm wrote:A cps powered 300 with 3000 selector and conventional trigger. Done

Aside from the spelling mistake that I fixed, that pretty much hits it like a nail on the head.

Re: If you only had One

Posted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 11:38 am
by mr. dude
Well, to this day, my favourite blaster that I've used has been the WW Lightning, so I suppose a modded version of that is what I want, and I'll just describe what I was after when I modded mine. Reservoir volume doesn't need to be high, I can do with <1.5L (Lightning has like 1.2 and that was just fine for me). I gave mine a balloon pressure chamber, which, for the 2 shots I was able to take with it, worked beautifully in terms of the power increase. PC volume was miniscule, I don't remember how much, but it can't have been more than 150mL. Nozzles: 2x, 4x, 8x, all handy with better laminating equipment than the blaster comes with stock (the one drawback to mine, stream broke up immediately). Strap, nice handy dandy weight distribution, needed like 10 pumps to pressurize, totally my favourite.

Or just a shrunken 15k, that's a close enough summary. Why so small? I have no idea. I suppose I get a different mentality using a bigger blaster than I do a smaller one (even though the weight difference is barely noticeable in most cases), I just find that I do better when I'm convinced that I'm more mobile.