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Mr Retz
Montpelier, Virginia U.S.A.
RF Engineer
horses, skiing, things that go BOOM.
Soaker Armoury:
4 Vaporizors, 3 CPS1000s, 1 CPS 1200, 2 CPS 2500s, 2 CPS3000s, 1
Monster, and the undisputed Supreme Monarch of all water guns... 1
CPS2000 MK1.
Additional Info:
My biggest toy was 'Howitzer's revenge' The final piece in a series of compressed-air ground cannons. It met an untimely end while attempts to move it with a backhoe failed catastrophically. In it's prime the 20' long 400+ pound water cannon shot a lacrosse ball 234 yards from its 2" barrel, and custom steel projectile over 400 yards from the longer 3" barrel. Water shots could knock a 200 pound man off his feet with ease.

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