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Soaker Armoury:
Flash Flood, Arctic Shock, Overload (x2), Defender, Helix, WW Gremlin (x2), Blastmaster XS660 (x2), CPS2000, 100oz Aqua Pack (x2), 50oz Aqua Pack
Additional Info:
During my elementary and middle school years, I've been involved in many water wars against neighborhood kids, and even kids from other neighborhoods. Since getting a job about a year ago, I've blown a lot of money on water guns and related equipment such as body armor and uniforms (at least $350 since last spring). After that, I started coming to for strategies and tips, and also learned to develop my agility and reflexes, enabling me to easily dodge almost any attack. I then decided to take on a ninja persona, which emphasizes stealth and agility, and recently even took up the study of Kuji-In (Nine Syllables) to help further amplify these abilities. With enough practice, I plan to soon develop into a truly fearsome "water-shinobi". My primary equipment is a Max Infusion Flash Flood, which combines portability and power making it ideal for stealth-heavy hit-and-run attacks, along with a 100oz Aqua Pack for extended combat duration. I also wear a lightweight nylon tactical recon vest that is very capable as body armor, and a pair of safety glasses to reduce staggering from headshots.

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