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Central Vermont.
Work on my family's pasture-raised pig farm and construction work on our new house.
Water-Warfare, Snowboarding, Cooking, Archery, Dancing, Kayaking, Shakespeare, 3D Animation, Engineering,
Soaker Armoury:
This armory is used by both myself and my younger brother (Crazy Frog).

Stock Guns:

1 x Storm Tsunami Force 2 (Check-Valve-Freeze mod.)

2 x Black Widows (Camo-painted and both have CVF mods on them.)

2 x SS 50s (Camo-painted.)

1 x Storm Monsoon Force 4.

1 x Helix (Camo-Painted.)

1 x Storm Tsunami Force 5.

2 x Max-D 6000s (Camo-painted, CVF, shot-gun mod and reinforced pumps.)

1 x Lightning (Camo-Painted.)

3 x Flash-Floods (One of them camo-painted and my brother's favorite gun.)

1 x Aquapack (Used by Crazy Frog along with his camo-painted Flash-Flood.)

1 x CPS 1000 (Camo-Painted, steel reinforced pump and a replacement LRT bladder.)

1 x CPS 1700 (Camo-Painted, reinforced pump.)

1 x CPS 3200


1 x Water-Cannon.

1 x Pneumatic-Grenade-Launcher Mark V (A 200 foot range, high ROF Balloon-rifle.)

1 x Silver Bullet CPH (Almost finished.)
Additional Info:
Founder and current commander of the Maple Mountain Marines. As the organizer and tactical leader of my team, I'm not afraid to listen to advice from others under my command. However, I also know that there are times when lengthly discussion is not an option. I'm almost always working on a new homemade of my own design, often building and deconstructing several versions before finding the right one and going public with it on the forums. At the time that I wrote this profile (1/27/08), I was working on my second CPS homemade, my third version of a high-power booby-trap and on the sixth model of a heavy assault rifle type Water-Balloon-Launcher. As part of the iSoaker Rogue Group, my mission in Vermont is not only that of building-up my own team, but also to encourage the growth of additional Water-Warfare teams in New-England. Last year, I was able to find another person in Vermont who was interested in starting his own team. I recruited him onto the Maple-Mountain-Marines so that he could gain some experience and watch how we work, before splintering off and organize his own Water-Warfare team. He has already found three possible recruits and I believe that by mid-summer this year, his fledgling team will be ready to spread its wings and begin operating on its own. If you live in New-England and are interested in joining our team or forming a squad of your own, contact me at the above e-mail address.

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The Maple-Mountain-Marines.

Terrifying, but oddly refreshing.