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Soaker Armoury:
1x CPH
1x CPS 12k (I think 35 balloons)
1x CPS 2700
1x MI Flash Flood (PC replaced with that of a damaged CPS 2k, other small mods here and there. Not really mine, but it's in my possession...)
1x Monster X ('02 edition, his name is Pierre)
1x SS 50
1x STE Triple Shot
1x WW Blorca (Blazer PC in Orca body)
1x WW Gorgon
1x WW Gremlin
1x WW Scorpion
1x WW Xenon
1x WW Yellow Jacket
1x XP 110
1x XP 215
1x XP 250 (his name is Timmy)

In Need of Repairs:
1x APH (needs a reservoir, and I haven't actually tested it so who knows what else)
1x Max-D 6000 (not sure what the problem is, need to look at it. It did get PRVDed though)
1x Max-D 6000? (it uses a 6k's firing valve anyway... just needs a proper reservoir-to-pump connection).
1x SS Hydro Cannon (been cannibalized and modded in so many ways, needs a more secure seal around its new reservoir, as well as a stable connection for one of the tubes)
1x WW Lightning (PC replaced with 45 balloons, it's currently unhappy about something. New PC will be replaced by 2 tubes of LRT)

Irreperably destroyed:
1x EES Turbine (tried to give it a seperate CPS PC. As a result, it has pieces spread out over 2 or 3 boxes)
1x SS 100 (got all leaky, so I decided to mod it. Apparently they're not supposed to get modded...)
1x STE Triple Aggressor (most likely a clogged check valve)
1x X-Stream Super Cobra (I don't even know what happened)

I might be forgetting some

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