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Dr. D
Soaker Armoury:
CPS 4100 (jury-rigged trigger edition), CPS 2500 (broken "shotgun" edition), CPS 2100 (cranky pump edition), CPS 1500 (on its way from eBay edition), Monster X (joint-owned with General Subwoofer edition), Flash Flood (2005 edition), Blazer (working for now edition), Storm Pistol (Captain's custom edition)
Additional Info:
I've been trying to form a team to fight the Jihad Machines for the last three years. I fell good about this year, though ^_^

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n00b friend: "Nice SP 270!"
Me: "Uhh, it's
n00b friend: "Oh yeah! Nice SP 270 XP!"

Current Official USF Armory: Monster X, CPS 4100, CPS 2500 (shotgun), CPS 2100 (x3), CPS 1500, CPS 1200 (x3), CPS 1000, MI Flash Flood (x3) STE Flash Flood (x2) WW Orca