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Surrey, BC
Engineer of Massive Drenching Devices
Super Soakers, Lazer Tag, Nerf, modding, TCG's, computers and programming. Basically anything I can collect, shoot, repair, modify or upgrade.
Soaker Armoury:
CPS: 1000 X6, 1200 X3, 2100 X2, 1500 X3, 1700 X2, 2000 MK1, 2000 MK2, 2500 X7, 2700 X4, 3000 X3, Monster, Monster X, 1-3-5 , Splashzooka X2
SC: 600 X3, 500 X2, 400 X2, Power Pak
SS: 30, 40, 50, 100, 300, MDS X2 , MDS NIB
XP: 40, 65 X3, 70 X3, 95, 105 X3, 110, 150 X3, 270 X3, 310, XXP 175, XXP 275
MAX-D 2000, 5000 X2, 6000 X2, Secret Strike
ST Triple shot X2
Flash Flood X4, Arctic Blaster X2, Aquapack Devastator X2
Vaporizer X2, Helix X2, Liquidator
Hydro Cannon X2, Shot Blast
Storm 1000
Speedloader 1000 X7, 1500 X2, 2000 X6, 2500 X2
WW Tiger Shark X3, Vindicator X2, Orca X3, Blazer X2 Red, Blazer X3 Blue, Expedition, Lightning X3, Scorpion, Hydra Pak X3[1 Aqua Pak]
AP Gorgon, Splat Blaster X2, Renegade X2, Power Pulse, Pulse Master
50 oz Aquapack X3
SS Warpstream, Vector X2 (vertical rocket launchers)

10 of these guns were bought off of ebay. The rest were found locally, and cost 5$ on average.

OK well there are 3 CPS 2500 which cost me 40/40/50 and then 100 (?) bucks for an SS 300. If you ignore those, then yeah. Around 5$ apiece for almost everything else.
Additional Info:
I would like to get more Speedloaders, and find some local enthusiasts to soak!
I had a Nerf SS Tornado Strike once, and seriously considered smashing it with a hammer.
When I play CS, I buy all of the grenades. When I play Halo, I love sticking Plasma Grenades to people. I get more kills with grenades than anything else. When I Nerf, elastic band + 19 darts = grenade. I go by Nad3r.

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My friends call me Nader. My foes just run.
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