Blastmaster 660 Review - 2006 Version

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Blastmaster 660 Review - 2006 Version

Postby ZOCCOZ » Fri May 05, 2006 8:08 pm

Length= 28 inches

Shot time= 1 second per shot

Pumps= 1 pump per shot

Tank size= aproximatly 1.5 Liter

Output = 2.2X

Shot Distance = 45 feet(varies on user strength)

The Blastmaster 660 is back this year with a recolour. And a fairly good one I might say. For the ones who are not familiar with X-Stream guns, they make the best resovior pistons in retail. Thats their thing.

On the perticular model I have, the stream direction is abit of to the right(very similar to many CPS 1500s and CPS 2500s), but thats not of a bid problem if one gets used to it. The handle is abit leaky also. And the tank is relativly small and gets empty very fast.

The constructions is very solid and durable, and while fairly large it is very light. It is interesting that its 28 inches longs, sinc ethat would mean that its still an acceptable retail size, meaning that 22 inches like the Krypton or Blazer is the the max limit.

But where this Blastmaster 660 shines, is its performnace. It shoots its 2.2X stream at a distance of 45 feet. At least when I shot it. I do not know if the pump was improved over the 2001 version, or if I simple have gotten stronger over the last three years. But bottom line is, it reaches 45 feet with an exelent aim. The power is amazing being able to move a Ceramic Coffeecup an inch with a 2.2X stream. Since no pressurizing is required, you are always shot ready till the tank runs out. Which is prity fast due to its tank size.

There is a general negative bias towards pump cannons in the forum communities. Mainly because they have a low distance, small output and bad aim.
Well, this one has superior distance, fantastic aim and acceptable output. If you can do a tank mod on the BlastMaster 660 increasing capacity to 3-4 Liter, you should be even able to dominate a Blazer and Krypton with ease(Provided your muscles can push the stream over 35 feet). And this is not an exacturation. The decision is yours.

For the ones who have read the internet article in This Thread are probbaly not that suprised by the Blastmaster's stats. Personaly, I highly recomend you pick it up and drink your milk.

At the moment, Blastmasters 660s are only available at Sears stores as far as I know.


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