The Value Village Quest

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The Value Village Quest

Postby soakinader » Mon Jun 22, 2015 10:30 pm

So, I have ventured here and far across the lands, searching far and wide for super soakers. On these thriftpeditions I try to pillage as many villages as possible.

Let these pages serve to record my conquests in fields afar. Lo, and behold!

You see the mark in the centre of nowhere? The land of Prince George is of no tactical advantage. I won't be going there anytime soon...

Now as we get a little closer in the map of wonder, we can see four locations in Kamloops and Kelowna (Barbaric lands, truly) and three more locations spread across the island (and I dare not cross the waters until I have conquered the mainland!)

According to legends, there are stores in 14 cities, including way up in the interior of BC.
Curse thee, Prince George! One day you will be laid barren by my hands...

Now, this map offers a very rough idea of the placement of the villages throughout the lower mainland...

But it isn't completely accurate. According to the great omni-google-map-matic, there are actually 13 stores located in this area.
But the great OGMM is incomplete as well. It's magic has failed to record the most recent Village I had visited. So what was I to do?

By combining all of this knowledge with my personal experience, I have come up with Soakinader's Atlas of Villages!

G- the Ghetto village which closed this year.
Star- My Village which is close to the castle keep. Under my personal control.
H- The Hidden Village. Won't be hidden for long now... New roads being built, it will soon be traversed by many travelers.
*- the Ungodly Village. Will return there once I have gathered enough men and supplies for the siege.
S- The Fancy Village. Wealthy folk and high quality goods. Worth going every few weeks to collect their tributes.
+- the new Lake Village. Only been there 1 time. Close to the lake.
?- Island Village which I have not recorded any conquests of. Once I return, there will be no refuting my dominion over it's existence...
Arrows- Marks the Villages of Lord Richmond, Duke Abbotsford, and King Chiliwack. One day, I will challenge thee... mark my words!

*EDIT 06/25/15* The Island Village has been conquered! Nothing else to report.

And soon, by combining the pages from this tome with the sacred Atlas of Salvation, and leafing the pages with my Codex of Lesser Stores, I shall create a grimoire of ungodly thrifting power...
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Re: The Value Village Quest

Postby HBWW » Mon Jun 22, 2015 10:58 pm

Looks like DX has a thrifting bragging rights rival!

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