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Re: Water Warriors Waterlord!

Postby Erymous » Sat Jul 25, 2015 10:15 am

Ok. Thanks for replying though.

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Re: Water Warriors Waterlord!

Postby marauder » Sat Jul 25, 2015 10:28 am

In case anyone missed it, the full review is up on isoaker

It looks like we may have underplayed how important the Water Lord release really is. Not only is it the first HP blaster since 2010, but it also boosts a full 1 oz/30 ml semi tracked pump!!! Think of the rate of fire this thing might have when you combine near constant pressure with a (finally) acceptable semi tracked pump.

The one thing that doesn't look that great to me is the placement of the pistol grip, which seems a bit in the rear. My guess is that the length of the pump has something to do with this. If the pistol grip was placed any further forward there would be no place for the trigger. Long slim pumps can be great for smooth pumping, but I wonder if a shorter, thicker pump ala the XP 95 might have been better for the pistol grip placement. This is ultimately all theoretical. Isoaker does say this, "Due to the sheer bulk of this blaster, a lot of weight ends up being supported by one's trigger-hand, but the Waterlord balances decently." which the first half of the sentence doesn't seem encouraging, while the second half does. Unless this has Gorgon or Vindicator type balance issues I don't see this being that big of a problem.

After reading the isoaker full review and checking out what people have said on here I might actually have to purchase one of these for my own review. Who all has these available in their area again?

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Re: Water Warriors Waterlord!

Postby DX » Sat Jul 25, 2015 11:23 am

At least the pistol grip is under the blaster, so it's not like Vindicator bad. When using a 2000, so much weight is over the trigger hand that the blaster jiggles, but I don't mind that. I'm still hoping that Buzz Bee tries some round/omni-directional pump grips. The problem with their shelf-style grips is that they tend to rotate during heavy fighting, which makes them not go in (Gorgon) or go in awkwardly, reducing your RoF. Most old Larami guns have a full track, semi track, or a round grip with plenty of clearance space, they all pump up quickly.

I also really wish Buzz Bee would go back to their more organic, flowing, rounded designs. The angular ones aren't as aesthetically pleasing, see Colossus vs Colossus 2. The Colossus reminded me of some kind of creature, which is awesome, like certain sports cars with a slick front. The Colossus 2 was more impersonal, more objectified.

Also still really hoping for a dark blue and white color scheme, cause water guns. Buzz Bee loves their yellow, green, and black though. I think it looks more like dart blasters than water blasters, but after years of that, it's unlikely to change.

At least rubber is coming back! 2016 could be a really interesting release. I would review a Waterlord if I could afford to import one, but I'll just have to wait.
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Re: Water Warriors Waterlord!

Postby the oncoming storm » Sat Jul 25, 2015 5:24 pm

I hope the Waterlord will be available in the US next year, with only one small change. the replacement of the 1x setting with a 11/64's nozzle (CPS 5x)

I think it shows that WW has learned much about HP weaponry since the last "true" HP primaries Orca and Tiger-shark were designed 8 years earlier. The biggest improvement of all and the most overlooked inside the waterlord is the single larger hemispherical section in the diaphragm as opposed to the earlier Blazer and Orca's duel smaller hemispherical sections.

Power in "true" HP weapons is derived, just like in a CPS chamber from the forceful contraction of expanded latex rubber. However unlike a CPS chamber in a HP chamber the shape of the latex rubber and thus the rate and force with which it can contract varies greatly due to the water level in the diaphragm. The single larger hemisphereical diaphragm allows for longer duration at close to peak power compared to the older twin Hemisphere diaphragms despite the fact that both types hold the same 25oz of water
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