Hands-On: Power Soaker Water Cannon

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Hands-On: Power Soaker Water Cannon

Postby isoaker » Fri Sep 02, 2011 12:04 pm

Recently acquired an older Power Soaker Water Cannon water blaster. Being the longest of the Power Soaker line created, this blaster pretty much feels like the still available Water Blaster XLR Water Cannon, albeit with a smaller nozzle and feeling overall lighter. Nevertheless, for a syringe-type water blaster, this one still works well and holds basically 1L (33.3oz) in its barrel when fully extended. Granted, the pump shaft feels a tad more flexible than I'd like, but the power this thing can produce is very impressive. Of course, stream performance is also determined by user strength.

The model I have unfortunately seems to have some light cracking on the nozzle piece, but I intend on reinforcing and sealing the cracks with some carefully applied Crazy glue.

I'll push up some stats later (haven't gotten to do any range testing on it yet), but for now, here are a bunch of pictures of the Power Soaker Water Cannon.

Enjoy and soak on!

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