Range Tests #1:CPS2000s,CPS2500,CPS10K,CPS21K - Testing the muscle models

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Postby ZOCCOZ » Fri May 05, 2006 8:39 pm

Today was a warm day and I had some spare time. So I did range tests on all of my elite heavy hitters.These where the results(tape measured even the distance):

CPS 10K : 59-62 feet (12X)

CPS 21K : 56-58 feet (12X)

CPS 2000 Mk.2 #1 : 59-62 feet (22X)

CPS 2000 Mk.2 #2 : 38-40 feet (22X)

CPS 2000 Mk.2 #3 : 56-58 feet (22X)

CPS 2500 : 45 feet (22X)
48-50 feet (10X)
48-50 feet (5x)

There was minimal wind when doing the tests.
The CPS K-Moded guns performed as expected. But one CPS 2000 Mk.2 reaching the 60 feet mark was fairly suprising. Also, one of my CPS 2000s Mk.2 performed like a standard CPS 2500 20X nozzle. So I assume that that one is a lemon. But even for a lemon, its acceptable. The third CPS 2000 did above average.
My biggest suprise was probably the CPS 2500 outperforming completly any CPS 2500 I had in the past reaching 45 feet with 20X and 50 feet with any other nozzle. So I got myself a freak CPS2500 here which is prity sweet.

So there you go. And to top it all of, here are some pictures:

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