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Postby Dacca » Wed Apr 19, 2006 6:55 pm

after getting the new Max-I defender I've been wanting to use it as a backup to my flashflood. I have a strap for my FF but have been pondering what to do with the defender when not in use. I was thinking of some sort of holster/clip to hold it when it wasnt in use. I didn't want to put a strap on it due to the fact that my FF had one. So I was stuck with what to do. Then today I was walking through Lowes looking for a plunger when i stumbled onto this thing called a Monster Hook. It's a metal belt clip with a metal hook on the bottom that can swivel 180 degrees. The hook has a plastic protecter at the end for safety. This was the answer to my problem. The Defender rests nicely in the hook (the hole in the grip behind the trigger) and can been taken off easily. care must be taken with running or jumping as it is a hook that the blaster is on and there is always the possiblity for it to fall off, but for the most part its a belt clip for a defender. It was a little pricey for a belt clip ($6 US) and im sure someone could find a way to build one or use the idea. Im sure you could also use a carabiner (just a very large one) or that sort of system. Anyways hope that helps some of you guys cause i know it helps me.


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more reliable then a max-D trigger


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