Need some good guns - What should I go after?

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Postby Evangel » Wed May 09, 2007 3:14 pm

Okay, the pool in my area is gonna be open soon, so people will rather swim than play with water guns. So I need to really spike awareness of this activity. The best way to do that I think would be to show off my entire arsenal in the middle of the complex and hope someone sees and goes "HOLY CRAP!" lol

I don't think my current arsenal will do the job though:

1x CPS 2000
1x Flash Flood
1x Arctic Shock
1x Helix
1x Defender
2x Overload
2x 100oz Aqua Pack
1x 50oz Aqua Pack
1x Hydroblitz
1x Arctic Blast
1x Stream Machine
2x Gremlin
2x Blastmaster XS-660
2x V2 Mako Shark

~8x pistol

~200x water balloon
~72x water grenade

With only one original CPS cannon, I dunno how impressive this line-up can be, so I think I should go after some bigger guns. Normally I would NEVER under ANY circumstance spend so much money in such a short time on water guns, but it's either now or wait till next summer in which I'll probably be too busy for this, so what kind of guns should I go after? CPS2500? Orca? Monster XL? Maybe some more Aqua packs? I've seen some of the armory pictures on this site and they are just SCARY even for me!! That's the kind of impression I want to send.

Note that I easily have the money to get any and ALL guns I might need (let's just say I'm loaded lol). My mom would kill me if she ever found out, but I'm an adult and it's MY money so why should she have a say? Well... cuz that money is mainly for emergency situations. So what should be my spending limit? I've seen Monster XL go for as high as 300, and most other classic CPS's in the 100's.

EDIT: Okay... There's a CPS2500 and a Monster XL on eBay, as well as a Shield Blaster 3000... Judging by how much MXL usually goes for... I might be looking at about 400 bucks for both CPS2500 and MXL, and both auctions end in about 4 days. Think it might be a little insane to go for both?

I think you should also know that these are BOTH guns I used to own when I was a kid but eventually broke down. Hell, I'm going for it! To bring back the two most legendary guns from our childhood will DEFINITELY make this a war to remember!

This is for the old days!!!! :soakon:

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