Official WWN League Blaster Tiers

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Official WWN League Blaster Tiers

Postby SEAL » Sun Sep 25, 2016 7:00 pm

Water Blaster Classes for Official WWN League Play:

-Stream Machine QF-2000
-Super Soaker 300 / XP 300
-Super Soaker CPS 1500 / CPS 1700
-Super Soaker CPS 2000
-Super Soaker CPS 2500
-Super Soaker CPS 2700
-Super Soaker CPS 3000 / CPS 3200
-Super Soaker SC Power Pak

Borderline 1:
-Super Soaker Monster X
-Stream Machine TL-750

-Super Soaker CPS 1000
-Super Soaker CPS 1200
-Super Soaker CPS 2100
-Super Soaker CPS 1-3-5
-Super Soaker CPS Splashzooka
-Super Soaker Monster / CPS 4100
-Super Soaker Monster XL
-Super Soaker SC Big Trouble
-Water Warriors Gorgon (AP)
-Water Warriors Vindicator

Borderline 2:
-Nerf Super Soaker Hydro Cannon
-Super Soaker XP 250
-Super Soaker XP Pool Pumper Blaster
-Super Soaker XXP 275
-Water Warriors Blazer / Expedition
-Water Warriors Krypton
-Water Warriors Orca / Gorgon (HP)
-Water Warriors Pulse Master
-Water Warriors Vanquisher

-A.R.M. 4000 XL
-Nerf Super Soaker Shot Blast
-Nerf Super Soaker Squall Surge
-Super Soaker 50 20th Anniversary
-Super Soaker 100
-Super Soaker 200
-Super Soaker Max-D 3000
-Super Soaker Max-D 4000
-Super Soaker Max-D 5000
-Super Soaker Max-D 6000
-Super Soaker SC 400
-Super Soaker SC 500
-Super Soaker SC 600
-Super Soaker WWF Stone Cold Steve Austin
-Super Soaker WWF Undertaker
-Super Soaker XP 55
-Super Soaker XP 65
-Super Soaker XP 70
-Super Soaker XP 75
-Super Soaker XP 90 Pulse Fire
-Super Soaker XP 95
-Super Soaker XP 105
-Super Soaker XP 110
-Super Soaker XP 150
-Super Soaker XP 270
-Super Soaker XP 310
-Super Soaker XXP 175
-Super Soaker Aquapak Devastator
-Super Soaker Arctic Blast
-Super Soaker Defender
-Super Soaker Flash Flood
-Super Soaker Hydro Blitz
-Super Soaker Liquidator
-Super Soaker Sneak Attack
-Super Soaker Triple Shot
-Water Warriors Aqua Beast
-Water Warriors Argon
-Water Warriors Barracuda / Hydra
-Water Warriors Charger
-Water Warriors Colossus
-Water Warriors Colossus 2
-Water Warriors Drench 'n Blast
-Water Warriors Equalizer / Ultimate Outlaw / Outlaw
-Water Warriors Gargantua
-Water Warriors Hornet / Cricket
-Water Warriors Hydra Pak
-Water Warriors Lightning / Piranha / Sphinx
-Water Warriors Pulse Blaster
-Water Warriors Pulse Force
-Water Warriors Pulse Strike
-Water Warriors Python
-Water Warriors Python 2
-Water Warriors Renegade / Ultimate Renegade
-Water Warriors Scorpion
-Water Warriors Sphynx
-Water Warriors Steady Stream
-Water Warriors Stingray / Goblin
-Water Warriors Tarantula
-Water Warriors Tiger Shark
-Water Warriors Ultimate Bandit
-Water Warriors Ultimate Explorer
-Water Warriors Ultimate Vanquisher
-Water Warriors Viper
-Water Warriors Waterlord
-Water Warriors Xenon

Borderline 3:
-Nerf Super Soaker Tornado Scream
-Super Soaker 60
-Super Soaker Max-D 2000
-Super Soaker XP 35
-Super Soaker XP 40
-Super Soaker XP 240
-Super Soaker Helix

-Nerf Super Soaker Electrostorm
-Nerf Super Soaker Flash Blast
-Nerf Super Soaker Hydro Fury
-Nerf Super Soaker Hydrostorm
-Nerf Super Soaker Micro Burst
-Nerf Super Soaker Micro Burst 2
-Nerf Super Soaker Point Break
-Nerf Super Soaker Thunderstorm / Lightningstorm
-Nerf Super Soaker Tornado Strike
-Super Soaker 10
-Super Soaker 20
-Super Soaker 25
-Super Soaker 30
-Super Soaker 40
-Super Soaker 50
-Super Soaker MDS
-Super Soaker XP 15
-Super Soaker XP 15 (2000)
-Super Soaker XP 20
-Super Soaker XP 215
-Super Soaker XP 220
-Water Warriors Deluge
-Water Warriors Hydro Current
-Water Warriors Splat Blaster
-Any squirt pistol

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Re: Official WWN League Blaster Tiers

Postby SEAL » Sun Sep 25, 2016 7:02 pm

So I made this a while ago. It basically lists all popular/well-known blasters and puts them in their appropriate classes. We've used this system at community wars before, but I decided to make an official topic for it. We've called these classes "light", "medium", and "heavy" or "anything goes". I changed the names a bit for formal purposes (in casual talk it doesn't matter), because size is not the main factor. So it's now "Top-Level", "Mid-Level", and "Low-Level". I also added a "Bottom-Level", which includes squirt-pistol type stuff. Such rounds likely won't be popular, but it's there for completeness, and you could play a round like that indoors, or for novelty or something.

If nobody likes that naming scheme, we could go with numbers (i.e. Level 1, Level 2, etc.) or letters (Class A, Class B, etc.) or something.

I also considered making another tier above all the rest, although it would basically just include the CPS 2000 and maybe the SS 300. That would be assigned "Top-Level", and the class below it would become "High-Level" or something. I decided not to add it for now, because there are really only one or two blasters good enough to be in it. I'm not quite sure about the SS 300, so it would probably go into "Borderline 0" until further testing.

Which brings me to the borderline tiers. Blasters listed here have yet to be sorted, and could be in either class they fall between. They should be tested (by matchup duels) to determine which class they should fall in. Though if some of you have opinions, let us know. I'm not familiar with a lot of blasters on the list, so it may not be perfect yet. A blaster can change classes too, if it ends up being too dominant in its segment.

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Re: Official WWN League Blaster Tiers

Postby marauder » Mon Sep 26, 2016 9:53 am

I really like this and endorse it's use!

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