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Backpack soaker

Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2016 10:57 am
by Dinosaur
Me again, I feel like I'm starting to spam this site with questions but I'll try to curb them from now on :p. I'm looking at making another backpack water gun but I'm not sure what's the best. I'm trying to combine the best ones out there with a massive supply of water, most of their drawbacks. But which types would be most suitable? I usually play as support in waterfights so I was thinking either separate pressure for the shot time or elastic bladder or diaphragm,or even thinking of hooking up a triple shot for the hell of it [banana] . Naturally you guys would have more experience than I so I'm open to your opinions

Re: Backpack soaker

Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2016 11:36 am
by TheSoaker
Use a Vindicator on the tiny nozzle and enjoy the 1 million year shot time. muhahahahahaaa

Re: Backpack soaker

Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2016 4:01 pm
by Dinosaur
Backpack vindicator? That's almost cruel, but almost is enough for me :D. I'll have a look into it, thanks

Re: Backpack soaker

Posted: Wed Jul 06, 2016 8:29 pm
by Tim
Hey Dino,

It depends how extreme you want to get. Operating the POPCAP is fun, but a setup with an LRT bladder (homemade or store bought) and a hydration system or solar shower backpack reservoir will be easier on the wallet.



Re: Backpack soaker

Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2016 1:39 pm
So you're asking what blaster would be best to backpack mod? The XP Pool Pumper Blaster is a prime candidate (though it's not very common), mainly because well, you can't really use it in a normal battle otherwise! Oh, and it's also got 4 PCs. marauder could tell you more. I've never backpack modded a blaster before, because they're kind of awkward to use. If I want to take on a tanker role, I use a CPS 2700. Then again, your playing style might be different.

If I did want a backpack modded blaster, I would choose one that runs through water very fast, in order to eliminate that weakness. A backpack modded CPS 2000 would give you many more chances to wreak havoc. But you still can't really skirmish with one, so you may want to try a 1500/1700 or 2500 if that's your style. Or you can just get a 3000 or 3200 and save yourself the trouble. :p Those tend to be a little down on power compared to the others however, especially the 2000. The SS 300 is another option, although it can be temperamental.

Re: Backpack soaker

Posted: Fri Sep 30, 2016 11:23 am
by marauder
The Super Soaker 100 and 200 are very very easy to backpack mod. See -

Later I found that using the 200 reservoir as a PC for the 100 was way overkill. It's like using a Vindicator on the second smallest nozzle. You have to admit it looks pretty sick though.

I also made a backpack mod my nozzle modded (4x) 600. The 600 works really well with the new nozzle, but the backpack wasn't really the best idea. The 600 doesn't hold much in its reservoir, but its PC is quite large. With a stock nozzle this set up works well, but when you nozzle mod it the reservoir runs out fairly quickly. The backpack solves this issue, but makes it a little awkward like SEAL said. The 600 was VERY mobile before the backpack. So, I just took the backpack off, plugged the hole, and now use it stock. It just has to be refilled a decent amount.

I'm going to put a guide on the PPB. Please keep bugging me about that so I get around to it.

The PPB and Hydrocannon are truly the best candidates for backpacks. The 100 and 200 don't need it, but the way that they are designed (specifically the intake tubes) make these blasters a lot less awkward with backpacks than other guns (like the 600). The mobility on my 210 was still very high, much higher than my backpack modded 600, but the 100 needed a backpack less than the 600. Just some food for thought.


If you really want extra ammo in the form of a backpack I would look into just carrying around an Aquapak Devastator (unless you are referring to a PPB or Hydrocannon). The Devastator can be clipped to a belt or strap or whatever and doesn't get in the way. It can also be used as a sidearm to defend yourself while refilling or pumping.