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Cosmetic Modifications

Postby isoaker » Sat Dec 14, 2013 5:42 pm

Thread from the WWn wiki - originally developed by Andrew

1 Introduction
2 Painting
3 Detailing
4 Covers
5 Stickers and Decals

[edit] Introduction

Cosmetic modifications are just that, they change the look of a stock blaster. A cosmetic modification can be anything from adding a name to a blaster, to a full blown paint job, but the general intention is to set your blaster apart from the rest, or to improve the look of the blaster. The same methods used in cosmetic modification can also be used to restore faded-colour blasters.
[edit] WARNING!

NEVER paint or modify a blaster to look like a real firearm. Using such a blaster is highly risky, especially if caught by the police. Admittedly no modern blaster looks anything like a real firearm, but you can't be too careful.
[edit] Painting

Blaster painting is usually performed to either make it less visible in a water war situation than stock, or simply to strike fear into the hearts of the opponent. Sometimes both. Darker brown and green colours are the best to use to make a blaster less visible in a woodland situation. In urban situations generally dull colours work best, but due to the wide range of urban environment styles, it can be very hard to effectively camouflage a blaster for urban warfare.

Painting can also be used to renovate a faded body on a blaster, by using paint colours similar to stock.

For obvious reasons a water soluble paint is not a good idea.

One of the most effective types of paint is vinyl dye. Originally designed for recolouring leather, it physically seeps into the plastic and recoulours it, making for a waterproof and durable paintjob which won't chip or flake.
[edit] Detailing

Sometimes painting a whole blaster can get quite expensive depending on paint type and quantity required. Also, with many blasters there are moulded design details which become less noticeable when the blaster is manufactured, as these details aren't highlighted post construction. In these case small detail changes can be made using a few different methods.

Smaller quantities of paint can be used to make smaller detail changes to the colour or design, or to highlight small details in the blaster. Again, don't use water soluble paint!
Marker Pens
Permanent marker is a good, cost effective option for highlighting small moulding details on the blaster, or adding text.
PVC/electrical tape is less precise than a permanent marker, and less smooth than most paint jobs, but is very good for making straight, striking details, or reversible styling.

[edit] Covers

As mentioned earlier, most blasters feature bright, easily noticed colours. This is a huge disadvantage when trying to remain stealthy during a battle. If you are unwilling to repaint a blaster, simply don't think the cost can be justified, or want something that can be changed based on the situation, some form of camouflaged cover can be a realistic and effective solution. For woodland battles, any dark colour will do for a blaster cover, with darker greens and browns being preferable. Woodland or hunting camouflage is ideal, but can be expensive.
[edit] Stickers and Decals

With time, the stickers on blasters tend to peel off, making the blaster look less attractive. If this happens you can normally use tape (clear scotch tape, packing tape or double-sided tape) or some form of glue or adhesive.

The colours in these stickers also have a tendency to fade. If these stickers are too badly faded, damaged or missing the only option is replacement. There are companies (search the web or eBay seller) which can create a high quality waterproof sticker to your individual specifications to replace the original. This does require finding a high quality image or scan of the sticker design you wish to print and this can be the hardest part.
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Re: Cosmetic Modifications

Postby torrespi » Wed Jul 02, 2014 12:47 am

My name is Salvadore Torres . This is my CSP 2000 MK2 Model customized.

I am prior USMC and like my blasters looking realistic and military style ..and I do agree to the warning of the risks for this type of paint job.. I use mine only at water wars fights and when it is accepted and allowed .

The art custom paint job was commissioned to artist Nelson Rivera who is well know in the Nerf and props community. He is and is one of the best in the industry and I have not seen any better so far in my searches for pictures and paint jobs..not saying there are none...but be nice to see them for the CSP 2000 or other water pistols or rifles models.
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