Modifcation XXP 275

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Modifcation XXP 275

Postby GJIV » Sun Jun 19, 2011 6:49 am

Hi there, lovely guys! ok I forget, also hi lovely girls !! (Who knows may we have a girl here ? :goofy: )

I have done some great and difficult modifications yet. When cleaning my XP 310 after a heavy use, I realized that I have not modified a DUAL-NOZZLE GUN yet. My XXP 275 just hangs in the storage and cries, TUNE ME UP, I want to be a heavy weapon too !!!

So I will now do following things:

Install new and bigger PCs, PC volume should be about 2- 2,5 Litres of pressurized water since it always uses two nozzles, which lead to a massiv output even at a very small stream and the pressure should not drop off too fast^^

Next will be to repair/strenghten my Pressure gauge and may also remove/change the power of the PRESSURE VALVE to gain more pressure in the next PCs.

THe nozzles will be changed, on both sides. Here it would be great to get some ideas of you guys^^ WHich nozzles should I change/drill out and what should I install instead ?

And the best of all will be a hose-adapter to easily fill the PC and the tank with the hose. May I install a QFD-nozzle to use a QFD or I just add a hose adapter to connect to the hose directly, with a water stop installed so the pressure is not lost when disconnecting.

o yea, this is going to be another big thing ! O well, I love this :D

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