Sale: CPS1700 ($20); CPS2700 ($35)

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Sale: CPS1700 ($20); CPS2700 ($35)

Postby carbonate » Sun Aug 21, 2016 6:24 pm

1. Selling CPS1700 okay condition for 20 bucks USD when shipped; CAD when picked up
2. Selling CPS2700 excellent condition for 35 bucks USD when shipped; CAD when picked up
Shipping from:
Toronto, ON immediately (I listed on ON Kijiji (Canada's Craigslist version) too) and
Detroit, MI on September 7th (for USA buyers)

*CPS1700 is Leaking bit from the pump as the o-ring has a crack in it
Can be fixed by using some electric tape, I kept it original as to keep the blaster stock.
*Those like to mod or maintain, the glue is very old on CPS1700, it is very easily taken apart. I rehabilitated the valve spring that way.
*The CPS2700 is easy to take apart, except valve is glued - that's bit hard to take apart.
*Shipping I am not sure, but will charge what USPS estimator tells me (I shipped a 2.5K 2 years ago and it was around 10-15 bucks).
I has plenty of packing material now, so I'll pack better than last time.

email me at:; phone 416-621-8410 or use PM:
Pictures on the ads:
CPS2700: ... vated=true
CPS1700: ... 1192375198

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Re: Sale: CPS1700 ($20); CPS2700 ($35)

Postby jSpazz » Mon Aug 22, 2016 11:02 am

In the Toronto area... Ohhh I'm so tempted to buy these!

However, I really don't have the space to justify the purchase. I will email you if I change my mind!

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Re: Sale: CPS1700 ($20); CPS2700 ($35)

Postby marauder » Thu Aug 25, 2016 8:09 am

I'm interested in buying both. Do you take paypal?

I restocked on light primaries this year with 4 NIB Python 2s, but I'm lacking on the heavy end so this would be great.

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Re: Sale: CPS1700 ($20); CPS2700 ($35)

Postby carbonate » Thu Aug 25, 2016 4:27 pm

Yes I do take PayPal I guess I am getting bit greedy (should be really asking 50 usd driving out), but that's what I got them for before and then seen a few uses. Reason taking USD is PP fees, bank card fee, Forex easily adds 7-8% also to exchange. CAD is really a monkey money now - you guys probably don't feel it, but if picked up I would just get funny dollar cash on spot (which will disappear very quickly).

Yes they are around. I am not getting right offers on Kijiji people asking if I can sell 2700 for 20 bucks CAD... (if it were well used I would sell for that or even 15, but... I don't think it deserves spot in a kids backyard).

2700 is quite delicate... I used to have a second one pair and valve dowel broke, glued the valve back together and the trigger broke because I got some glue got on the dowel. Then I foolishly threw it out instead of cloth-wire triggering it. Should have put it up here to give it out for free... It is a great sin I committed in doing so T_T.

So I'll just sell here. Only chance I have to ship it to the US is when I am drive up to Michigan on the 7th, so it will go domestic when I stop by USPS before going to airport. Ya I am getting bit too old for this sports and all my friends moved away, so I am only keeping my 98s.

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