Wanted: HydroBlitz

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Wanted: HydroBlitz

Postby thelaminator » Wed Apr 04, 2012 11:04 pm

as some of you may be aware, i've been doing some big planning for a HydroBlitz, however, cannot obtain a working one for a decent price (i.e. less than/equal to retail price). if anyone would kindly offer one that falls within the following criteria, i will pay up to $40 USD (including shipping). if anyone's interested i'll even throw in an ultimate vanquisher (used twice, works perfectly).

-all internal systems work properly without leaks (not including upper trigger valve, which is not needed)
-no cracks/major dents in case. However, scuffs, scratches, and the like are tolerable, as long as they don't interfere with performance
-FULLY FUNCTIONAL/STABLE PUMP HANDLE! i cannot stress this enough, since these things are rather flimsy.
-original paintjob/ no markings on case that cannot be easily removed
-it would also help if it were opened once without breaking of any mechanisms, however this is not necessary.

thank you, and i hope this isn't the last you hear of this "plan"
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