Wanted Super Soaker XXP 175

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Wanted Super Soaker XXP 175

Postby XP270 » Wed Apr 02, 2008 3:39 pm

iSoaker.net users,
I'm in a large corporate waterfight this July 4. The requirements are to have a double barreled water blaster because my boss gave me a huge bonus when I let him use one of my XL's at his kid's b-day party. The Monster XL is not allowed so my co-workers are buying small dollar store 2 barreled water pistols and I think I can dominate if I can get my hands on an XXP 175. If any of you have one of these that you'd wish to sell contact me either via Super Soaker Central Private Messaging, this board, iSoaker.net PMing, my version of this board on SSC, or extrawater.sscentral.org forums PMing. Also if anyone perfers e-mail my e-mail will be provided to those interested in sale. I appreciate your time. Thank you,
P.S. To those of you who don't know my UserName is the same on all Water Warfare boards I contribute to.
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