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Postby cobralex297 » Wed Jun 27, 2007 11:38 pm

I've been bulking up my collection majorly, and i just recently noticed that it is without a flash flood. Although i am by no means a fan of the more modern super soakers produced by hasbro, the flash flood functions more than decently for a small to midsize gun, and is inexpensive and easily-found enough to become the staple of a smaller armory. Mine is by no means small, but definitely noticeably without one.

I have no preference with regard to whether or not the gun will be Max Infusion or STE.

I'll pay differently depending on the condition, i don't care about stickers and scratches, but both nozzles must be fully functioning with minimal to no leakage. Send me some pictures by email, which is in my sig. I'll pay through paypal, and am looking to go anywhere from $5-15.

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