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Postby pritch » Wed Feb 14, 2007 2:12 pm

Well, this is a repeat of my post from last year, it definitely has to go this time - I've run out of room!



I'm in the UK. I have a Monster XL that I kind of need to get rid of due to impending move and lack of space. The thing is just so darn big :;):

I rescued it from going in a friends bin a while back. It's in good condition overall, there are a couple of scuffs but minor. There's no discolouring as it's lived inside. The main problem is that it leaks from the charging nozzle when pumped, so it doesn't build up much pressure at all. It needs fixing somehow, I've made a couple of attempts but never cracked it. I used to fight this gun with my CPS1500 and I know it hasn't been used that much at all as the fault developed quite early in it's life.

Anyway I'm a bit old for the scene now just wondered if there'd be any interest from UK soakers who want to make an offer. I really wouldn't want to see this end up scrapped cos they don't make 'em like this anymore :cool:


NO SENSIBLE OFFER REFUSED! Will ship anywhere in world if you pay. Estimating about £15-20 shipping within UK.

I have 147 ebay feedback 100% +ve!

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