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Postby Spinner » Fri Nov 12, 2004 3:03 pm

Thanks to a tip-off, I BINed the SS 300 for $39.99. Considering Cloud's topic indicates that this can go for between $100-$140 exc. postage, I consider that a pretty good deal.

As you may realise though, postage to the UK is quite hefty. I realised that before I bid on it, but doing my calculations I found that, including postage, it would still cost less than the lower range suggested by Cloud ($100). However, I wonder if anybody here would like to buy it off me while it is still in the USA, whether to use or to resell next year on eBay. If so, you'll have to be quick, before I give the OK to the seller to send it to me in the UK.

Here's the original auction:

My email's still (replace the "-at-" with "@").

Obviously, don't bother making me any offers below $39.99. :D

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