some help wanted with building 1 from scuba tank

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some help wanted with building 1 from scuba tank

Postby bobrosco » Mon Jun 15, 2015 3:17 pm

So i have this idea off building a watergun/cannon from a scuba tank and a compressed air tank from a air compressor. The reason for this is that i have a carbon fibre scuba 5L tank that is pretty much expired, so you cant use that anymore for the 300bar/4500psi air. And i have a 25L air compressor tank. Now my toughts where if i make a new connector on the top of my scuba tank, with 2 ports on it. 1 with a pipe to the bottom of the tank and 1 that stops at the top. Then use the 1 that stops at the top of the scuba tank to connect to the 25L air compressor tank and the 1 with the pipe to the bottom connects to a hose with a valve in it and a nozzle on that.
But what do you guys think of this setup. I want to use it on a car for a crazy road rally kind of event, so weight is not really a problem for me.

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Re: some help wanted with building 1 from scuba tank

Postby the oncoming storm » Mon Jun 15, 2015 4:45 pm

I think I would setup the tanks in reverse of how you described it and instead use the 25L tank for the water and the 5L tank for air, albeit at a much lower pressure. 4500psi is way overkill for a water gun even if it is a CAP (Constant Air Pressure) setup. Running 250psi from the 5L scuba tank regulated down to 50psi for the 25l compressor tank will allow you to maintain constant water pressure for the whole shot.

50psi with a 3/8's nozzle should push 1L per second around 55' or allow a 1/4" nozzle to push 355ml/s 50'. You should make sure however that the regulator can support that flow rate'.

Just my two cents.
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