3rd Generation Douchenator

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Postby DX » Sat Jul 15, 2006 9:40 pm

Well, the 3rd is an adjustment to the 2nd to make the launcher more optimized for combat.

There are actually only two real changes, but they are significant:

-4" PVC for the PC instead of 3"
-1st Generation barrel [about the same length as the pc]

4" PVC allows us to shorten the pc while keeping the air capacity the same, or even raising it a bit. The return to a shorter barrel raises the mobility of the launcher. It looks less impressive, but moves faster. Yes, this cuts some range, but range over 400ft is not useful in the first place. The shorter barrel also allows for multi-shot to be used without making the launcher excessively long. However, the Douchenator cannot be made multi-shot without extending the length, so it is probably not worth it to do that.

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