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Guides and discussions about building water blasters and other water warfare devices such as water balloon launchers.
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Postby LtDan64 » Sat Jun 03, 2006 12:47 pm

Skip down to the bold part if you don't care about story/origin of my two donor blasters.

Once upon a time, I had an XP 105, and I loved it. It was my only soaker at the time, if I recall, except for the SS30 and SS40 from two of my older brothers. Took it on a (large, like 40+ pplz) family reunion to Myrtle Beach. I left it sit in my room one day, and a little kid and her parents picked it up out of boredom, figuring that I would have said yes if they had asked permission. And I would have. However, as some may remember, the tank to the 105 is tricky, and unforgiving. It's not threaded normally, like the ones on the 30 and 40, for example. Thus, that was ruined, and I believe some sand also made its way into the pump, because that was also very difficult to use afterward.

...Long story short, that incident, combined with additional broken parts, rendered it unusable. I also had an XP 70, years later, that I took to a friend's house, and left overnight, taken apart, and next time I saw it, the pressure tank had been lost, we believe chucked by his dad.

I have since, recently, decided that I should be able to salvage my leftover-with-broken-parts XP70 using the smaller pressure tank from my unusable XP105, and once I fix the broken trigger piece on it. I will call it Frankie. An XP70 with an XP105 tank on it. I will also, of course paint it. I will try to provide some pictures as I make more progress on it. I have divided the necessary tasks into 3 "Phases." (Insert Dr. Evil finger qoute)

Phase 1: Make the hole in the casing of the XP70 recipient slightly larger to accomodate the thicker stem on the 105 pc.

Phase 2: Firmly attach the donor pc to the internals on Frankie. (I was going to use epoxy putty, unless anyone has a better idea.)

Phase 3: Repair the plastic trigger mechanism. (again, the putty, unless I am persuaded otherwise.)

Phase 4: I know I said three, I just figured I would consider painting the thing to be phase four.

Once again, input welcomed. I'll keep you posted, (no pun intended) and provide pictures if I get to it.
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