taking apart MXL

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taking apart MXL

Postby Shrike » Sun Aug 12, 2012 12:55 pm

Hey guys, as promised my next 'patient'.

2 months ago i managed to free this fine soaker specimen from the hands(or legs?) of the treacherous spiders which reside in the dark corners of my basement. It was a fierce battle, but in the end I was able to infiltrate their lair and retreat with my prize.

I was able to get almost everything apart, but now im stuck getting the tubing and the nozzles off the casing. In the pictures you can see that it looks like you just have to lift the tubing to get it off the casing. The blue tubing parts are all glued together and the black nozzles are also glued to the tubing, but not attached to the black casing. now the problem seems to be that the quick fill attachment wont let me lift the tubing as it is blocked by the black casing part that sticks out on the bottom.





on isoaker i saw pictures and it looked like the guy who took em knows how to do it. i cant really tell, but it seems he managed to get it apart without sawing off the quick fill attachment.
Does someone on here know how to do it?


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