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Postby Newb » Thu Dec 22, 2005 1:53 am

Hey wasup guys I have 3 guns needing repairs. Cps 2100, Cps 1-3-5, & SC Power Pack

-Cps 2100

I got a Cps 2100 from eBay, K-molded, & check valve frezed. After the check valve freeze, I noticed that there was a slight crack in the piping. Should I use plumber’s adhesive, or epoxy to seal the crack? What would be the best technique of sealing it? Any Ideas?

-Cps 1-3-5

After K-Moding, and check valve freezing this gun, I gave it a test run. Once a made a few pumps I noticed that it leaked a bit. Then I pumped it a bit more, and herd a little cracking noise. I took the gun inside, and took it apart. Apparently one piece of the piping split in half. How should I repair this? Is it possible to repair? And if so what technique do I use?

-Sc Power Pack

I got another gun from eBay. When the gun arrived the QFD attachment at the top of the gun was dislocated. Now the only way to seal it tight would be using Plumbers adhesive. Is there any other method, besides this? Doing this would only leave me with one nozzle.

Well thanks and yea. Here are all the problems I hope some one can give me some guidance. Well I’ll appreciate any help so uhh yea thanks.

-With great respect Newb (Kevin) :holidaysoak:

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