The Crazy War

Discussion of past, present, and future water war events.
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The Crazy War

Postby the oncoming storm » Tue Jun 19, 2012 9:46 pm

My one of my grunts priv Grady age 10 was over because his parents were moving so we had some battles

Round 1 Soak-fest 5 man free for all

I started at the front yard porch using both crickets trading shots with all comers for 30 seconds. Then I went to the garden where I caught my breath I charged out again, went to the tree trading shots with two others this was repeated again but with just 1 sidearm for increased rate of fire then I went to the backyard caught my breath again and charged them in the last 10 seconds.

Round 2 Team Soak-Fest 2 on 1

I started in the backyard with it 1 on 1 on 1 but soon priv Grady's younger sister joined me. We started in the front yard, I sent her as a diversion to the garden, I went the other way to the backyard and turned the hose off getting a little wet as he spotted me. then we retreated to base. soon we saw him coming through the garden with a hose I sent her to attack while I went to shut it back off. he had grabbed our hose! I ran back got the equipment and went to the backyard with my teammate I reactivated the hose that I had turned off and reloaded our blasters. Instantly he came having left his blasters in our yard , we blasted him and he retreated we reloaded and he came again this happened twice more with little change. Finally we gave him his weapons and he went to reload we ran down to the end of the street, and went back to grab scooters. he chased us and we forced him back finally he gave up and we won.

Round 3 Siege 2 10 minuet rounds

I made a small palisades and because I could only think of game that would be fair we decided to play siege. Defenders have 3 litters of reserve and 2 avengers. with only his sisters out I round one was with them, his older sister agreed to be the attacker first. She went to the door and I tap shot with an avenger till she ran out. I went to the wall and his younger sister went out, she dropped her weapon at the first shot and I trade shots till she ran out I added 0.5L to my weapon and grabbed my teammates blaster refilling it. she attacked and we fought till time was up. we had used just 1.5 litters.

This time I was the attacker I fought them at the wall till I ran out. priv Grady came out, and I gave him my SS2 we fought them just outside the wall and his older sister went in because she was trierd of getting hit in the face. my teammate went to the defense and they ran out after 2 refills. Being nice I gave them 1L and fought again in the street till he was out again, winning by just 10 seconds. :soakon2:
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