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Postby XP270 » Tue Jun 12, 2007 8:06 pm

Moubis Militia
Giant Eagle
9:30 PM

We ran to Giant Eagle to get some 2.5 gallon water jugs for 2 USD a piece. Always the team had their sidearms.

Me SS 30
Liam had an XP310 for supporting fire
Brian SS50
Bradley SS 50
Steve SS 50
Irik SS 50
James S Max D 6000
Jamie SS 50 Chrome Style

We knew we wouldn't need them but we still brought them in case. Everyone rode in the Cushman or Electruck. Thankfully for us... the XL was still mounted on both... with 10 gallons of water in the Electrucks bed.

Moubis Miltia
Public Park outside
Giant Eagle
9:45 PM

We were going to do some target practice since we had some time. But when the first SS 50 shot was fired we seen 15 Gremlin WNCs (Water Night Commando) they each had a CPS 2700 and the leader was in a MXL nest about 50 yards in front of us. 8 vs. 15. They shot like crazy when ding dong 2nd in command Bradley ordered a charge. So I ran up and mounted the Cushmans XL my Militia was being slaugtered. 6 vs 14 OHK. I tried talking **** to them "Come on you son of a Beach ball" I said blasting a WNC with dual Aquastorm anti-infantry fire. 6 vs 10. We only lost Jamie and Irik with standard issue SS 50 sidearms. Liam my best friend in the whole Militia moved the Electruck a bit closer and opened fire on the two WNCs charging us. 5 vs 8. Bradley was hit by the XL and we only lost a teamate not any special gun. Liam gave his XP 310 to Steve since he was using the XL. We dismounted and I hit a WNC with a quick shot from my SS 30. Liam took three out with my assistance using Steve's old 50.

Moubis Militia
The Park

I ran to the Cushman just narrowly missing a blast from a 2700. I had to refill. Battling WNCs is freakin hard. Brian mounted the XL and found out thanks to older MM ES (Moubis Militia Enemy Spotters) that two unidentified Ford F 150s were heading twords the park at about 25 mph a mile from here.

Moubis Militia
The Park

We found out there was only two WNCs left and only three Moubis Militia Night Assaulters. I made a distress call to DELTA and before you could say "Hey!" the Fuso pulled up with MM NAs, Medics, flashlights, and our primary weapons."Glad you could make it" I said to Aaron The whole Militia Field team was assauting. We fellback and made a plan to have the Fuso ride past the MXL nest and drop 4 milk crates of water balloons in there while the others would take the trucks.The Fuso soaked the two WNCs and then two black 1989 Ford F 150s drove in with 7 WNCs in them each. 25 vs. 14. The team charged on my order mostly using close combat skills I taught them. I looked at poor Irik he was totally soaked. His face was all swolen because he was hit at point blank range. Bradley was hit pretty bad aswell. I ordered the Fuso Medics to take them home; they were really screwed up. The score after the charge was 24 vs. 6. We were really kickin patotie out there. I ordered another charge with me in it. MM came out totally victorious. The two injured have a months break.
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