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Postby marauder » Tue Apr 26, 2005 7:43 pm

I wanted to try out my new guns so my brother and I got them out this weekend and had a small night battle in the back yard. We decided not to play one hit kills since there was just two of us. I'm posting it because I think people would find it interesting. For the record we are pretty evenly matched, he's an awesome warrior.

First round was me with my CPS Flash Flood vs him using my CPS Aquapack Devastator and a CPS 1200 (interesting combo). Needless to say he beat me. When I did get him with the flash flood nozzle I got him REAL good, but it was hard getting that close even though we were fighting at night. It would have been easier to sneak up on him if we were fighting in the woods and it wasn't a full moon. He won this battle.

Second round was me with my Vaporizer vs him with the Devastator. I kept running behind trees and stuff and kept up a constant rate of fire. I had to run alot because the Devastator shoots out a constant steam, so whenever I got hit he got me good. Pumping constantly and running from tree to tree to bush was quite a workout, but I really got him good. I won this battle.

The third round was me and two XP 20s vs him and the Flashflood. I was constantly running from the Flashflood nozzle. Holy crap you don't wanna get hit by that when it's only 60 degrees outside. Although I shot him more I was definitely alot more soaked. He won.

I want to try out the Helix sometime.

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