Compass town year2

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Compass town year2

Postby B-man » Fri May 16, 2014 6:44 pm

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Here's a map of the town. main bases are as follows, green circle is West's, blue circle is North's, red circle is East's, pink circle is South's.
Black lines are roads, squiggly light green lines are wooded areas, straight dark green lines are hill terrain, light brown squares are warehouses, dark brown squares are houses/stores, blue is water, sand color is a sand pit, light grey squares are trailers, dark grey squares are bunkers. NOTE: I didn't show water spouts because each house has one and every member on your team lives in this town you have access to many of the houses.

Every summer this town divides into four quadrants North, East, South, and West for a massive town wide water war. Each week I will add a new chapter to the story based on your answers. Each team has around 100 people at there command. You are West , your main base is a old bunker from the war. North's main base is a large tree fort with turrets there leader is john smiter and he is great at planning attacks. East's main base is a forest clearing with a large building and defensive walls surrounding the clearing there leader is Sandra willow she is base designer. South's main base is an abandon warehouse with gun slits henry Bartholomew he is tricky foe in combat. West has been doing badly under there old leader and suffered heavy losses, but he moved away so its time to start over. Your team is losing battle after battle but things are going to change.

If somebody is hit with a water spray they are forbidden form attacking defending or helping there team in any way for the next 24 hours. That incudes every member on your team.

Commander Marauder
Equipment: CPS 2000, XP Pool Pumper Blaster, Gorgon, Blazer, SC 600, camo covers, various other equipment which will be described later
Strengths: Charisma, endurance, stealth, aggressive attacks
Weaknesses: Defensive positioning, can become isolated risky attacks
Your team so far:

Foxtrot Squad - CPS 2000, CPS 2500, Monster X, XXP 275, CPS 12k, 2 XP 150s, SC 600, WWF Stone Cold, XP 270
Golf Squad - CPS 2700, 4 CPS 1200s, Blazer, 2 Max D 6000s, Colossus, XP 70
Hotel Squad - CPS 2500, 2 CPS 1500s, 3 CPS 4100s, CPS 1000, Lightning, SC 500, Firefly
India Squad - 3 CPS 2500s, 3 CPS 21ks, Vindicator, Tigershark, 2 Colossi
Juliet Squad - CPS 2000, 2 CPS 1500, 2 CPS 2100s, 2 SC 600s, Ultimate Explorer, 2 XP 150

Summer has just started and each team is rushing to set up outposts and defensive positions. how will you set up your defenses? Patrols and strike teams are being formed. Will you attack when they least expect it?

P.S. please post any questions you might have and ask for a part in Wests team. tell me if I missed any thing in the map.

P.P.S. sorry what happened the last thread but I don't have any time to moderate this so I thought I'd restart and let you guys keep track of who commands what squad. and remember... keep soaking!

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Re: Compass town year2

Postby marauder » Sat May 17, 2014 12:04 pm

Thanks for reviving this. I think that our idea to run this more like a classic RPG with a DM and everything the lack of interest shown to the thread after that move showed that our RPGs here might be best off where people just comment with what they end up doing. Or maybe B Man would be a better DM than me and would be better at telling us what happened. What does everyone think? Who else is playing?

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Re: Compass town year2

Postby HBWW » Sat May 17, 2014 6:34 pm

^ I'm going to do just that; treat this as a large scenario. I'd rather avoid the issue of past RP's where too many cooks in the same kitchen are working on the same story.

First, I want to rearrange the squads based on blaster and player skill. I'm assuming each player owns their equipment, so they cannot be swapped around too much. I would want to focus on three player groups:
- High skill assault
- High skill mobile
- Low or mid skill assault
- Low or mid skill mobile

Each group is assigned tasks based on what they're best set to do. With the size of the team, I would run a 2-tier strategy, centralizing on the assault and mobile teams, and with a variety of tasks to focus on:
- Main base defense: Quite simple; this objective is to maintain the base.
- Forward assault: This is kept small and reserved, used where necessary.
- Stealth raids: The most important tasks. Most of our team's activity should be carried out at night. This will involve high skill assault and mobile, as well as low/mid skill assault forces. These will involve fewer low/mid skill mobile forces, but some are needed for training purposes.

The gist of operations cadence is simple. Remain relatively harmless by day, and make devastating attacks by night.

During daytime, we focus on defense and intel. Talk to people, make friends, avoid confrontation. Keep the base defense solid as a rock, so that R&D, repairs, and other workshop operations remain well contained. Go to stores and stock up on anything needed. The base defense should give the illusion of being easily attacked, so that the opposing teams ideally underestimate our team's capabilities.

Preparations are always important. Get facepaint, get camo, get camo form, etc. Whatever isn't available should be purchased in the town's stores. This may have to be done via sending runners to purchase the needed items.

The defense setup will be varied, but will focus more on subtlety. A number of scouts will be set to the roofs near the base to act as scouts and grenadiers. Other troops remain on the ground, blending into the urban environment and keeping close eye on what's happening.

Other troops are more specialized for open field and woods combat. These guys make use of the base hills and are the ones who conduct night operations in woodland camo. (The exception is if attacks need to be run on south base, which requires urban camoflage and tactics.)

By remaining low-profile, the idea is to get the other teams to attack each other more often than they attack us. Specialized attack planning is needed for this, especially if the goal is to trick two or three teams into attacking each other. The enemy of my enemy may not be my friend, but can still be useful.

Nighttime is where it gets interesting though. Our teams pick the quietest blasters (and modify/maintain them to make the least noise as we're able to), don the camo, grab flashlights, and conduct raids. The element of surprise is critical to each raid, and this is a potential opportunity to instigate the other teams to attack each other.

A WBL would be critical for two uses: The rooftop scouts and the nighttime operatives. The special forces can use them to shoot out lights in the night as well as direct false alarms/surprise to get enemy troops to investigate areas. For example, a scout can shoot off a launcher, which draws enemy attention to the area, and lets the rest of his team sneak by to accomplish an objective (i.e. raiding a base) or to simply eliminate the patrols. Hopefully the town's hardware store is well stocked, but our team will need a day to build the launcher(s) and let the primer/cement cure. Of course, a pack of water balloons from the local dollar store would help too.

If our team has a boat, and if there's enough time to kill on R&D, a MOARC could serve some interesting uses. Otherwise, the boats will be armed conventionally, using the blasters we have or using syringes found in stores. (Or built from the local hardware store parts.) Unfortunately, the use case for this remains quite limited, but it's a great way to make surprise attacks on east base.

However, in the end, any raids and attacks should be of limited timing. We need to be able to retrieve team members to quickly respond and defend the base. This means that for most cases, there should never be more than one or two teams being raided at a time.

Players who are fatigued can return to their homes for rest; good chance to resupply as well. In fact, if everyone is connected properly, we could abandon the base, set a series of traps, and conduct all operations in our homes. Even with a loss of internet connection, we can use long range wifi networks to plan and conduct attacks. Getting out of the house without getting raided will remain an issue, however.

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