The Battle of Neo-Waterbridge

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The Battle of Neo-Waterbridge

Postby DX » Wed Jun 05, 2013 12:25 pm

Read the "REM War" topic and Ridgewood-Waterbridge war stories from 2004-2007 for background.

^ TL/DR: Overactive imagination, extremely realistic dreams, this was one of them from this morning.

The Battlefield: Neo-Waterbridge is a park similar in layout to the Waterbridge venue in Ridgewood, NJ. They are both dominated by thick reed groves and have a brook flowing down the middle. It departed from the real location - this version had woods and ridges on both banks toward the Spring Street Bridge. It had pure reed groves toward the Grove Street Bridge at the other end of the park. The West Bank was also wider, with town recycling grounds and mulch mounds where the houses would be in real life. The East Bank lacked the public right-of-way, instead it just had reeds.

Like many recurring dream sets, Neo-Waterbridge is capable of independent evolution. In other words, it can change between dreams on its own. It could flood, it could be a different season, or (don't laugh) a developer could buy it and put up houses. That's actually happened before with a pristine beach set that I liked. Someone bought out the place and had constructed mcmansions the next time that set came around, ruining the beach. I hope Neo_Waterbridge stays as-is - right now it's more fun than the real place!

The Teams:

The Good Guys:
Me - CPS 10K
Robin - CPS 1500
Ben - CPS 12K

The Enemy:
Nick - CPS 1000, WBL
Matt - CPS 2100
Jeff - Flash Flood

A note: I have absolutely no control over my dreams. Don't ask why this set of people was in it or why they had these guns. The real mindf*ck here is that I had the most knowledge of the battlefield, as I'm the only one who has been to Neo-Waterbridge.

We flattened the enemy in this war, but not from an uneven match up of skill or guns. I was able to use my relatively new 2 way transfer ability to inject past (real) experience into the dream, all the while not knowing it was a dream. Again, see the REM topic.

The Rules: 5 hour OHS, respawn at the bridges.

My team entered the park on the Grove St side and the enemy entered from the Spring St side. We decided to set up an ambush in the huge reeds (no kidding). We set a staggered split ambush, with Ben up front on one side of the path and Robin and I on the other side, about 30ft back.

Of course, the enemy wasn't stupid and avoided the path completely. Ben signaled that he heard them coming in the reeds to our left. Robin and I stayed where we were and Ben moved up to engage. He was able to draw the enemy toward him and then got to the path and ran past us. They came after him, cautiously.

Just when I couldn't take it anymore, I leapt up and fired. The momentum took me into the path and so close to Matt that we almost collided, my nozzle almost touched him. Robin also rose up to attack and got Jeff, who unleashed his Flood nozzle in time, but in the wrong direction due to confusion. He narrowly missed Ben, who had stopped and dropped down in the reeds. Nick was not on the path, so he avoided getting tangled up in that mess. He shot at me until I was able to crawl off the path and essentially disappear.

For the next minute or so, my team shot blindly into the reeds, but Nick was gone. We couldn't see anything, so we pursued cautiously. Robin just poked his head up above the reeds and saw Nick running away, and we couldn't possibly catch up in time.

So we let the other team respawn and reset. We were ahead, 2-0. We refilled in the brook there, since it was a good opportunity to refill with no dagger of being attacked. Then, we started moving up toward the Bluff. Neo-Waterbridge, like real life Waterbridge, had a house rule that you couldn't go hide in a corner when you were ahead. You had to actively seek the enemy, so we did just that.

We set up an ambush on the Bluff, behind a fallen tree stump thingy. I got a filled water balloon from Robin and took up the trigger position. This time, the enemy team came flying by so fast that I was like wait, what? I threw the balloon and it completely missed. We were not ready at all for them to run by.

Now, the enemy had the reeds, and we had the high ground. I knew they wouldn't attack like that, so we split up. Robin and I went up to the mulch mound area and left Ben to sneak into the reeds. Robin and I moved quickly, making noise and not trying to be stealthy. We wanted the enemy to see us going in that direction so Ben could ambush them in the reeds. We ran as fast as we could, stopping just out of water gun range front of where the reeds started. I ducked down to look under the reed leaves, (the only way you have a chance of seeing in there) and like HOLY SHIT there was Nick kneeling with a WBL barrel aimed at me. He fired, but it went wide by a few feet. Holy shit!

I got over that quickly and Robin and I fired wildly into the reeds (which did pretty much nothing, the streams didn't make it very far in). But, there was some more commotion that we couldn't see, which probably meant Ben attacked someone.

He emerged on a mulch mound and had hit Jeff and Matt in the reeds by sneaking up on them while they were trying to get into a position to ambush us. He moved up when they were moving, so they did not hear him coming. So, we were up 4-0. Nick disappeared again, so we let them reset again.

We decided to kind of just sit there on the mulch mounds and watch for movement in the reeds. After a long time of doing this, the enemy emerged behind us and fired another WBL shot, which flew over everyone. However, we reacted pretty quickly and I remembered the defense of Reed Hill.

We scrambled to the other side of the nearest mound, so that it was covering us against an attack from the rear. The enemy withdrew rather than attack against height advantage. They moved down into the reeds again.

My team left the mounds and went up the West Bank to the Spring St bridge and crossed over to the East Bank, running at top speed to get to the reeds on that side. We got to the fringe and tried another ambush where Robin was down in the reeds and Ben and I would be visible.

The enemy didn't appear to be coming, they probably weren't dumb enough to attack us in a place like that if they couldn't account for everyone. After a while, there was a "douche" sound and a water balloon came flying out of the reeds. It was angled high, mortar style, and easily dodged. But, when we were looking in that direction, there was a "whoosh" from our right and Ben got taken out by a Flash Flood blast. 4-1.

It turns out that the enemy took all that time to cross the brook and come up against the rim of the bank unseen. They got Ben in a classic distraction ambush. Could have been either of us, he was just standing on that side. They all popped up and came at me. However, they didn't get very far even though I had a half-full CPS 10K. I dropped back into my all-too-common 1 on 3 zone coverage and led them further into the open. In their desire to get me with the number mismatch, they forgot to watch out for Robin, who was still somewhere in the reeds.

After what seemed like the longest minute ever, Robin came charging out and hit Nick. It was kind of close, but his teammates did confirm that it was a hit. 5-1.

With 2 on 2 and the enemy's back to the brook, Robin and I attacked, pressing them against the drop that they'd used to ambush us before. Jeff kept us back with the Flood nozzle, but then Ben popped up, back from the respawn point, and started attacking.

That broke things open and they had to run away. There was only one escape route, the brook. Jeff got away, but Matt got stuck in a deeper section and I was able to get the 10K to go far enough to hit him. 6-1.

My team then sprinted toward the Spring St bridge to try and hit Matt before he got there. However, Nick had respawned by then and held us off at the bridge in a 1 on 3. It was too narrow to use our numbers and we didn't really have a choice but to break off the attack and withdraw.

Robin and I needed to refill. I only had a full PC left, so we ran away to find a place to refill. The place the enemy had ambushed us recently was great and we refilled in rotation, me first since I needed the most water, while Robin and Ben stood guard. Next, Robin refilled while we guarded, and Ben didn't need more water, so we were all set.

We saw the enemy on the West Bank moving up to the mulch mounds. We moved up to the Spring St Bridge and crossed to attack them. However, I could only see Nick and Matt, not Jeff. So, we proceeded very cautiously, as he might be hiding in an ambush.

He was indeed in an ambush behind a fallen tree and jumped, but too soon. The Flash Flood didn't shoot far enough and we drove him off without loss. Time was then called and we won, 6-1.

At the mulch mounds, we talked about the war and Ben hosed down Jeff in retal for hitting him in the war. This sparked a soakfest, which lasted until everyone was empty. At this point, the dream then ended and the next one started in media res, without a transition. It was a boring (to you) dream about finding freshwater mussels in the Neo-Hudson River, so that is not part of this war story.
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Re: The Battle of Neo-Waterbridge

Postby the oncoming storm » Wed Jun 05, 2013 12:45 pm

Nice dream, I am a bit of a lucid dreamer and if this was my dream I could have used any blaster I wanted :lol: or just cheated and messed with terrain and enemy loadouts a bit.
If you ever bother reading these, I worry for your mental sanity. :oo:

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