Water Wars S Series

Water warfare tactical scenarios, role-playing threads, and fictional stories.
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Water Wars S Series

Postby DX » Wed Dec 07, 2011 1:02 am

This is a series of fictional wars that I started back in the iSoaker Water Warfare League. The first two installments, "S1: Battle of the Hills of the Thames" and "S2: Battle of Boulder Gulch" were generally well-received, so I plan to continue the series. Each new story will feature scenarios that demonstrate creative tactics and techniques - something different every time. When an unusual tactic is introduced, the receiving team will not be ready for it, illustrating its potential. In later stories, they may showcase defensive counters against that technique.

Both of the existing stories take place in Connecticut, but future stories will have much more diverse locations and terrain. I have finally moved all the old pics off my old computer to this one and re-discovered a treasure trove of images related to water warfare when everything was combined. Something like 2,589 exist, of which you guys have maybe seen 300-400. Unfortunately, there isn't really much in the way of action shots in actual wars - always was too busy fighting to take pictures. However, there are mods, integrations, stream shots, arsenal shots, etc. There are also a lot of battlefield pics, or ones that can be turned into battlefield pics. So, both existing S stories can now be illustrated with images. I can also expand the story series to Edgecomb, ME - Duxbury, MA - Shelter Island, NY - Harriman, NY - Kent, CT - Robert's Cay, Exuma Chain, Bahamas - Mazatlan, Mexico - Treasure Beach, Jamaica - and potentially to Tucson, AZ. The pictures also make re-matches possible at all three of my old battlefields - Waterbridge, Goffle, and Crescent Forest. So, this series has a lot more in store.
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Re: Water Wars S Series

Postby atvan » Wed Dec 07, 2011 6:46 am

Crescent Forest?

Sound good!
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