Water Warfare Scenario 6: Tree House Seige

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Water Warfare Scenario 6: Tree House Seige

Postby isoaker » Sun Jul 06, 2008 7:36 pm

Game Type: Team Soakfest - subjective declaration of winning team based on general overall team wetness
Number of Players: you plus 9 others (total: 10)
Environment: suburb backyards separated by ~4' chain-linked fences; some large tall trees and shrubs for cover
Duration: 20 minute games; no refilling during each game; teams take turns on defending the treehouse

The Treehouse:
On of your friends has a tree house in a large oak tree in his family's backyard. The treehouse, itself, is situated about 10' off the ground and is about 10' x 10' in size. There is one fixed entrance via a wooden ladder mounted along the trunk of the tree. The ladder enters the bottom of the tree house through the floor on the middle of one side of the square and is well kept and fairly easy to climb, even if holding a soaker. There is no door to close the entrance. The tree house has corner walls ~6' wall, but only extend ~3' along each side, leaving a 4'-wide opening on three of the sides of the tree house. While this reduces the hiding space, it also means that rope ladders and ropes can be dropped from the tree house through each of these openings for emergency escapes if needed.

Around the base of the tree house is fairly open. However, about 20' from the tree trunk are several 4-5' tall and thick bushes that offer good cover and protection upon approach.

The Game:
It is your team's turn to defend the tree house. You and four friends head over to the tree house to make preparations. All players are allowed to have two blasters each (blasters range from Max-D5000 sizes to CPS1500-sized blasters). Your opponents are similarly skilled and armed. The attacking team must head around a neighbor's house until game starts, thus cannot see the defending team's strategy when setting up defense.

You and your team have 5 minutes to prepare before the starting shout is given. As you have slightly more experience than your teammates, they look to you for advice despite having no specifically designated leader. The opposing team will approach from the far end of the backyard, giving them cover behind some bushes ~20' from the base of the tree. Apart from the bushes and the tree house, there is little other cover. Your friend's parent's house is on the far end of the backyard property and is where the opposing team is waiting behind. Now what?

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Re: Water Warfare Scenario 6: Tree House Seige

Postby HBWW » Mon Jul 07, 2008 11:32 am

Given the information provided, I assume no buckets, refill bottles, water balloons, sidearm/pistols, nor any other side-equiptment, just the blasters. 3 of the team will hide amongst bushes, trees, and shadows to set up an ambush/trap, and 2 will stay in the treehouse, using the height for range advantage to make long distance shots. After the initial ambush, the team of 3 will try to re-direct the enemy away from the treehouse, but if they go for it anyway, they will only get in range of the 2 in the treehouse. If persuing rentlessly, the team of 3 can make it back up the treehouse with the team of 2 covering them as they retreat and make a last stand. Once everyone's aboard, 2 should have their guns pointed out at the entrance and the other 3 should be shooting through other openings. All should be wary of richochet and the fact that the tree house will be quite soaked once the assault begins, but the height advantage is still helpful enough to help cancel that out. If the enemy tries to climb up, they will be going against several 2-5X streams and they can only climb up single file. With the cover we're behind, shooting us while climbing will not be easy either. Heck, we could just blind-fire tap shots half the time. However, keeping a strict code of ammo conservation will be important nonetheless.

Another alternative to this is for the team of 3 to stay where they are even if the enemy tries to attack. Hide, run, whatever, and lure the enemy to think its safe to attack the treehouse, then as they charge, charge behind them and attack. They just got sandwiched by bushes and the ladder where theres nowhere to dodge while the attack team is out in the open and able to dodge along with the treehouse team attacking. Of course, the treehouse team should stay concealed and not make themselves present until the enemy gets in range.

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Re: Water Warfare Scenario 6: Tree House Seige

Postby mkhadem » Thu Aug 14, 2008 12:53 pm

If you cannot get a hose up there, then a good idea would to have a trap door or a second, concealed exit route around the back so you can get to a refill point without being soaked and go unoticed for a while. This is also good if one needs to retreat as they not only can go without being soaked but, if quiet enough, can also go without them noticing meaning you would have enough time to create a new base and mount a surprise attack on them.
The only problem with this is that if they find the back door then you could be taken by surprise and soaked in the back.
Its a good idea to glance every know and then. Also camoflauge it, mabye with some leaves or twigs.

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Re: Water Warfare Scenario 6: Tree House Seige

Postby Adrian » Thu Aug 14, 2008 1:59 pm

Does the treehouse have a roof? Are the branches low enough to the top of the walls to be an effective cover?

No matter the answers, my answer is the same, it just makes things easier for me. I'm going to pack my entire team into the treehouse, and we're going to pick off attackers as they come for us. Without reloads, I'm going to instruct my team to take short shots, make sure they don't miss. Elevation and cover is going to negate the ground force's effectiveness, and they have to attack us to win. We just have to wait for them to come to us.

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