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Me, Silver Shadow is the main character. It takes place in Moubis Militia Operation Aurora. The Goal of Operation Aurora is to inflatrate an enemy outpost on Rocky Creek believed to be spying on the Moubis Militia. The Outpost has been active recently so I ordered a Covert Operation to shut down operations. "The supporting units to us is in position Sir." Steve said clutching his XP 310. "All MM units report in." I said in My walkie before we hiked to the creek "Moubis Militia Fireteam 2 argo Sir." Irik said through his walkie. "Moubis Miltia Outpost 3 Rocky Creek location ready to kick some ***." Liam said. "MM Fireteam 1 we are ready for inflatration." I said. The MM had alot of units ready so we are all right for the moment. Fireteam One (Us) had:

Silver Shadow: Old Blue the SS 30
Steve (Frost): XP 310
Jamie (Viper): Max-D 6k
Bradley (stingray): SS 25
James S (Infernus): SS 40

We were halfway there when a walkie call came in from the scouts that went before us, (...=static) "Fi.....1.....D..t... come...h..e.." They said "Thats weird? Scouts come back" I said "Fireteam 1 this is Delta, The scouts said "Fireteam 1 Don't come they know were coming!" RTB fast!" Erik said. I called and asked for a transport. About 5 minutes later one of my Taylor-Dunn Convor Tractor and trailers arrived with an armed cadet and our primarys. We weren't heading back... the MM convoy was right behind us (about .5 miles back) This is War...

To be continued...
Retired Leader of the Moubis Militia

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