Who would you work for?

Water blaster concepts and dream designs for water guns and related equipment.

Which company would you invest your time, money, ideas, and work into?

Hasbro. Super Soaker
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Buzz Bee Toys, Water Warriors.
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Who would you work for?

Postby Nitro123PG » Wed Feb 22, 2012 9:36 pm

I'm not exactly sure if I put this in the right section, but it is a concept, so I assumed this would be correct...

Here's the scenario. You've just won the lottery, and you've won 50 million dollars. Now, you've decided to invest 40 million of that money to water warfare. You have the option to invest your time, money, ideas, and work into either Hasbro's Super Soaker line or Buzz Bee Toys Water Warriors line. Now, would you work with Hasbro to return the Super Soaker name to glory or would you take Water Warriors to prominence?

Personally, I would work with BBT. If Hasbro want to make cheap, low performance guns for children, than so be it. Let 'em rot, Super Soaker is just a name, after all. None of those former Larami workers are there anymore. If I invested into BBT, I would be working with a smaller company who wants to actually improve their design. It would be nice to help BBT crank out the big guns for the community and, uh, commoners.

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Re: Who would you work for?

Postby DX » Wed Feb 22, 2012 10:08 pm

Well, seeing how Hasbro is a publicly-traded company and BBT is private, there's only one option here. You can't just buy BBT stock, it's private. And even with $40 million, you won't have enough to buy anywhere near enough control in Hasbro to change anything. Hasbro trades above $30 a share and volume is in the millions of shares.

For $40 million, I'd buy my own molds, facilities, and hire my own team.
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Re: Who would you work for?

Postby isoaker » Wed Feb 22, 2012 10:10 pm

I'm locking down this topic. This sort of thread ends up becoming too much fan-boi-ism and not really being useful nor realistic.

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