How much water? (Non-backpack blaster)

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How much water do you think makes for a great all-purpose primary non-backpack water blaster?

< 500mL (<16.7oz)
No votes
500mL - 1.0L (16.7oz - 33.3oz)
No votes
1L - 1.5L (33.3oz - 50oz)
1.5L - 2.0L (50oz - 83.3oz)
No votes
2.0L - 3.0L (83.3oz - 100oz)
3.0L - 4.0L (100oz - 133.3oz)
>4.0L (>133.3oz)
No votes
Total votes: 14

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How much water? (Non-backpack blaster)

Postby isoaker » Wed Nov 03, 2010 7:18 pm

How much water do you think is best to have in a good, all-purpose primary non-backpack water blaster? The reason to specify non-backpack is that having more water means more added weight on one's arms and ends to make a blaster more difficult to switch aim with. Pick your preference in the poll!

As well, for those interested, please explain why you chose the number range you did.

Sidenote: Raw capacity is far from everything that makes for a great water blaster. I know many also demand good power and range from a primary water blaster. Consider this the first of a few polls to be created.

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Re: How much water? (Non-backpack blaster)

Postby martianshark » Wed Nov 03, 2010 7:31 pm

I like 2-3 liters. It's enough water, and it's not too heavy. If it was a CPS, I would choose over 4 liters so I have plenty of water for it.
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Re: How much water? (Non-backpack blaster)

Postby HBWW » Thu Nov 04, 2010 6:12 pm

2.5 to 3L is ideal; it doesn't take up too much volume and you can fill it partially if you don't need that much water. Of course, more than 3L is nice but does get bulky and take up space. Anything less than 2L is either for runners, secondaries, or sidearms; you can't do any frontline combat with so little water. If you don't stand a chance against a hose user, then you probably don't stand too much of a chance against anyone else.

Of course, larger reservoirs also take more water bottles to fill up and the weight may encourage wastefulness. Still, it gives more options which is always the preferable way to go.

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Re: How much water? (Non-backpack blaster)

Postby GJIV » Thu Nov 11, 2010 2:50 pm

2-3 Litres of water is a standard each good weopon should have. I would prefer Soakers such like the CPS 2700. I am a strong man, although I am 18 years old, because I do not mind holding weight on your hand(s). A big Soaker with powerful soaking, big pump volume and a big pressure Chamber will need a big reservoir, otherwise you will be out of juice too quickly. May a gun with 5 litres of water should be build so that you can put it partly on one of your shoulder, just like a rocket launcher or something like that. I prefer to hold more weight on your hands than refilling more often :)

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Re: How much water? (Non-backpack blaster)

Postby thelaminator » Mon Nov 29, 2010 11:41 pm

2.5-3L, if you're not counting a full PC. if it has that much water, it should have several ways to dish it out. maybe there should be an ideal nozzle selector thread as well! one for air, one for elastic, and one for piston.
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