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Bethesda MD
Student at Montgomery Collage
Volunteering at the Bethesda Coop
Water Blasters, LEGOs, Rokenbok, video games [some FPS (like the Battlefield Series), Racing games, and combat flight sims]
WWN League Team:
Catskill Mountain SEALs
Soaker Armoury:
Super Soaker: CPS 2500 CPS 1000, AS Secret Strike, Max-D 2000 (x2), XP 220, CPS 3200, XP 75, XP 105, Pumper II, Helix, Arctic Blast, Monster X key Chain, Monster X pen, XP 35.

Water Warriors: Vindicator (x2), Vanquisher (x2), Equalizer (x2), Goblin (x2), Pulse Blaster (x2), Steady Stream, Hydro Pulse, Colossus, Cricket (x3), Viper (x2).

Other: Shield Blaster 3000, Shield Blaster 1000, Water Ball ML 50, Storm 2 in 1.

Guns to be fixed when I get around to it: Vindicator (Trigger repair), Lightning (Pump repair), SS 100 (Leaking, probably trigger), CPS 1000 (It works, but the pressure release is way over reactive), XP 85 triple shot (Trigger repair), Flash Flood (x2) (Trigger repair), Arctic Blast (Trigger repair), Water Ball SL 175 (don't even know what is wrong), XP 150 (Trigger repair).
Note: The broken CPS 1000 and Arctic Blast belong to some friends, but I have better storage facilities then they do.

LEGO Minifig sized water guns:
WW Vindicator, SS CPS 3200, SS Flash Flood, SS Helix, SS Max-D 2000 (x2).

For more detailed info on guns, check here: ... tml#p43556
Additional Info:
Primary: CPS 2500 or Vindicator
Back-Up/Night Wars: Crickets (x2)

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"If you are wet at the end of a water war, you are doing it wrong"
Van: "What happened?" SEAL: "Scott Happened"